Candidate for Washington County Sheriff Jim Woods Comes out on Illegal Immigration, 287 G and the Arizona Law


Candidate for Sheriff for Washington County, Jim Woods recently attended the Tea Party on Immigration Reform in Hagerstown and offers his opinion.  Jim Woods also pledges to work side by side with other local law enforcement, state police, dnr, etc to ensure the safety of our citizens come first and foremost.  While Jim Woods attended the Tea Party, sitting Sheriff Doug Mullendore, as usual did not attend.  I find this troubling considering the fact that Illegal Immigration is such a hot topic right now, and thanks to the efforts of Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Fredericak County, his efforts are forcing many Illegal Aliens to relocate into other Communities and Washington County.  Sheriff Mullendore has yet to announce his intentions on how he is going to deal with the increase in Gang Activity, Illegal Aliens taking up residence in our Communities and the growing crimes that are taking place.

Last night, I attended the South County debate for current and new candidates for County Commissioner and Sheriff.  Jim came through as a true champion for the citizen first mentality and his pledge to be more involved with the citizens than that of Sheriff Mullendore.  Sheriff Mullendore is not exactly what you would call someone who likes to get down and dirty, rather, he prefers to play Sheriff behind the mask of a Politician.  Many of those, which include Local Business’s and Communities have come under intense pressure to support Sheriff Mullendore, to the point some of which have been threatened by those associated with Sheriff Mullendore, threats including not accepting Jim Woods Signs, threatening to boycott business’s, etc.  Probably what’s most disturbing is the fact that Sheriff Mullendore likes to say he has no idea that this is going on, while in one email exchange with the Sheriff, he stated to me, “I can not control what my friends and supporters are doing”.  I beg to differ Sheriff, what you need to do is let your friends and business’s and those within your department know, that what they are doing is wrong, unethical and immoral, and when I am notified about such negative campaigning, I will continue to let the voters of Washington County know about it.  Thinking you have no control over associations that are assisting you in a very negative way is a very poor attitude to take, infact, it’s quite rude and ignorant.  I am calling on you to notify your supporters that you will not accept any stain on your name by the acts of negative campaigning and or acts of unethical campaigning. 

Listed, are stances on Illegal Immigration, and other facts for which makes Jim Woods the perfect man to run the County’s Law Enforcement.  Let me something clear as well, not at anytime has Doug Mullendore made a case for fighting illegal immigration, he is to busy being a Policitician instead of being of the People. 

Candidate’s Perspective:
Last night at the Next Dimensions restaurant the Tea Party held a small conference on Illegal Immigrations. I felt the event was very well attended and the two primary speakers both did an excellent job.
Sheriff Chuck Jenkins did a good job of presenting the 287g issue. Sheriff Jenkins had the courage of his convictions to move forward with this initiative for his county and from the numbers he gave, it works.
Illegal Immigration is a stain on our country. It impacts every aspect of our community. It strains our social service system, preventing resources from being used in areas where they are clearly justified; it drains our financial coffers by providing services to persons not legally part of our community.
Any person who wishes to become a citizen of the United States I welcome with open arms. But if you come here to take advantage and not pay taxes, I have a problem with it.

My hat is off to Sheriff Jenkins for his foresight and commitment to face this issue head on. When elected as Sheriff of Washington County, I will begin the process for 287g compliance and will seek out Sheriff Jenkins’s expertise.

It was rewarding evening and I had the opportunity of sharing with the attendees my deeply held feels about this and other issues. It’s time to stop wasting money on accreditation, which does little to nothing for the citizens we serve, and spend those energies and resources on projects like safe community and 287g, which directly impacts the enforcement of law and the safety of our communities.

I was amazed to hear from Mr. Brad Botwin, Director of Help Save Maryland; that the annual cost impact to our State is a whopping 1.6 BILLION dollars. That is a huge impact and we the honest, citizens are paying for it.

It is a shame that our own Federal Government is wasting even more of our precious taxes to sue the State of Arizona over that State’s legal stance on illegal immigration enforcement. The Arizona law mirrors the Federal Law on Immigrations.

Sheriff Jenkins was sure that any constitutional challenge to Arizona’s law will fail. We can only hope.

Jim Woods

Candidate for Sheriff

Washington County, Md.

Our Nation, our State and our local communities are facing some of the most troubling times in history. We have drifted from caring about people, and have substituted technology as our placebo for all ills.
I like technology, and am interested in it, but only as a tool for serving the people. People skills and true caring spirit are what set me apart from the current administration. Spending money is all well and good when the money is spent for things that impact people.
We face issues that requirement leadership, not technology.




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