Senator Don Munson and his Support for Illegal Immigration

Don Munson and Illegal Immigration

Support for Casa de Maryland is

Just the Beginning!

For years Maryland government has been using your tax dollars to fund CASA de Maryland – an organization that willfully aids and abets illegal immigrants and actively works to undermine agencies that enforce federal immigration law.

But somehow, State Senator Don Munson thinks it is okay to give your hard earned taxpayer dollars to CASA de Maryland to fund their Multicultural Center in Montgomery County. This project has already received more than $9 million in federal, state, and local taxpayer dollars, but Senator Munson doesn’t have a problem with them getting more.  After all, it isn’t his money, it’s yours!

Senator Don Munson has offered many explanations for his vote to support taxpayer funding for CASA de Maryland’s multicultural center.  He initially defended the vote in a letter to the editor, saying it protected the renovation of a historic mansion, and did not support Casa de Maryland.[1] Just weeks later Senator Munson characterized the vote as a mistake and a screw up.[2] This was after he called activists with Help Save Maryland nativists and extremists similar to the KKK.   It would be one thing if Senator Munson’s support for Illegal Immigration stopped with one vote. But it does not.  Donald Munson has consistently exhibited a pattern of behavior that supports and enables illegal immigration.

Alliance with the Southern Poverty Law Center – After receiving criticism for his votes to funnel taxpayer dollars to Casa de Maryland, Senator Munson began quoting the Southern Poverty Law Center in his smear campaign against Help Save Maryland.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has published articles accusing the Tea Party Movement of being “shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism.” [3] Just a quick perusal of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website makes it clear that for all of their talk about fighting hate and teaching tolerance, they pigeonhole any group or person who espouses beliefs different than their own – particularly those who believe in liberty, inalienable rights, and a document called the Constitution.  Aligning himself with radical liberal groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, who have also denigrated the Tea Party movement as racists, clearly shows what side of the immigration reform debate Senator Munson is on.

Had Enough?

Vote for Chris Shank on September 14th

The Conservative Choice for State Senate

[1] “Munson defends CASA de Maryland vote”, Hagerstown Herald Mail, March 9, 2010

[2] “Munson, Shank clash over voting records on Casa de Maryland, Hagerstown Herald Mail, March 27, 2010.

[3] “Rage on the Right – A Year in Hate and Extremism”, Intelligence Report, Spring 2010, Southern Poverty Law Center

Authority of Citizens for Chris Shank, William K. Shank, Treasurer


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