Friends of Sheriff Mullendore is Spreading Lies about Candidate Jim Woods for County Sheriff – This is not the first time either!!!

First, let me preface this by saying that I have gotten to know Jim Woods over the past year and this man is highly thought about and his morals go without question.  He is a very dedicated servant to the People of his District that he police’s and he also a man of great dignity.  It bothers me when I see friends of Sheriff Mullendore lying about Jim Woods and this is not the first time this little diddy has been played.  A couple months ago I questioned Sheriff Mullendore about his friends using Threat Tactics during this campaign for Sheriff and after doing my own little investigation, have come to the conclusion, that A, Sheriff Mullendore is lying about the associations and rumors of scare tactics, or B, He is just plain ignorant to the fact.  Now, with that being said, I have also spoken with Sheriff Mullendore in person and find him to be a kind man, however, when politics come into play, kindness if furthest from the minds of those running a campaign.  Now, friends of the kind Sheriff is running a smear campaign against Jim Woods and I am going to take exception with this.  First of all, not in my time of knowing Jim Woods have I found him to not be one of the truth, I have known Jim to be a very considerate person and wonderful to the people around him.  In fact, no one deserves to be Sheriff more than Jim and many people have come my way telling me so.  I will go into details of the failed administration of Sheriff Mullendore as we get closer to the election, but let’s just say, I am not going to worry about scare tactics, I have my backside covered.  Here is an email I received today on the Tactics being used by those associated with Sheriff Mullendore:

From Candidate Jim Woods, he clarifies the record and comes clean on the Rumors and Allegations, one that may borderline on Slander.

I received an interesting call today from a friend advising that the Mullendore camp was spreading rumors about me. So, lets address them in order:

 Rumor #1

Sheriff Mullendore terminated me


 I retired from the county after nearly six years service. I receive a check every month from the County for my six years service. Terminated people do not get paid monthly.

  Rumor #2

 I was demoted from the rank of Lt. in Hancock.


 The charter for the Town of Hancock establishes the police force and provides for a Chief and Sergeant rank, and officer ranks. There is no Lt. Rank. Shortly after I was appointed to the Hancock Police department, I began some expanded duties.

 Scheduling, fleet management, training, firearms, forms management and development, CAD updating and management, field training, and general supervisory operations. As a result the Chief provided me with the rank of technical corporal.

However, several town councilmen were concerned because the town charter does not provide for such a rank. After consideration I returned to the original rank of Officer. While acting in the corporal rank, I was paid the same rate of pay as an Officer.

 I was performing the expanded duties of a technical corporal at the same rate of pay as an Officer. The entire matter was done under the auspices of an administration decision, and the conveyance of rank and the return to the previous rank was based on an administrative course and no disciplinary issues exist.

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