Explosive Coverup on Obama – The Baltimore Sun, Tom Schaller and the Journolist

The Baltimore Sun, Tom Schaller and the Journolist

The Daily Caller has an explosive piece this morning about how members of the “Journolist” collaborated in April 2008 to kill stories about then Senator Barack Obama’s relationship with the infamous Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Questions to Obama, from ABC debate moderators Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos sent the Journolister into spittle flecked rage. Gibson and Stephanopoulos inquired why it took Obama so long to repudiate Wright, and if he thought Wright “loved America as much as you do.” Fair and relevant questions given how Obama’s own statements on his close ties to Wright and his family’s long tenure a members of Wright’s church.



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  1. Posted by jack kadildahopper on July 20, 2010 at 4:36 PM

    Many journalist who worked for msnbc, msn and others who had GE as the parent company were paid to keep their mouth shut on many issues. They hid the truth. After obama was elected, GE was paid handsomely in bailouts for their co-operation. Just like the unions and the massive bonus’ the union leaders received with our tax $$..


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