The Take Over of our Free Speech is in it’s beginning phases – Who was that George Orwell?

Tea Party Nation

A message to all members of Tea Party Nation

An action alert from Tea Party Nation –

A few days ago, and others reported that the Federal Government had shut down blog hosting site,  Blogetery.   The site that hosted Blogetery stated they were contacted by the Federal Law Enforcement and had little choice but to shut the site down immediately.

This action silenced 73,000 blogs.

Until this action occurred, none of us at Tea Party Nation had even heard of this site.   We do not know what kind of blogs were hosted on this site, but we suspect they cover the range from personal to political.

This is why the Tea Party Movement needs to be involved immediately.

The Obama regime has taken a very hostile attitude towards our First Amendment rights.  Is this a dry run the government is taking to shut down sites that are critical of the regime?

We need to act.

Call your Senators and Congressmen today and demand that the Senate and the House investigate which agency shut this site down and why. Email your friends and ask them to call as well.  We need an explanation and we cannot let the regime off on this issue.

Along this line, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has said she sees nothing wrong with the government suppressing speech the government finds offensive.   Given the regime’s attitude to the First Amendment, we must be vigilant.

Remember to keep calling the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee and reminding them to vote “NO!” on the Kagan nomination.

Here are the direct numbers to the Republicans on the committee.

  • Jeff Sessions (R-AL) (202) 224-4124
  • Orin Hatch (R-UT)  (202) 224-5251
  • Chuck Grassley (R-IA)  (202) 224-3744
  • Jon Kyl (R-AZ)  (202)  224-4521
  • Lindsay Graham  (R-SC) (202)  224-5972
  • John Cornyn (R-TX)  (202) 224-2934
  • Tom Coburn  (R-OK)  (202) 224-5754

Join us in the discussions on Tea Party Nation.  The forum about the blogs being shut down is here.  A forum to discuss the Kagan nomination can be found here.

Visit Tea Party Nation at:

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