RINO Washington County Commissioner John Barr v. Candidate Jeff Cline for County Commissioner

As I meander around the county, looking at all the campaign signage that is up for this years Election, I can not help but to take notice of John Barr’s campaign signs, as opposed to Candidate Jeff Cline’s signs.  A very distinct difference as to where they are placing their signs.  While Jeff Cline is getting huge support from the people, they are also asking to have his signs in their yards.  Everywhere I look, I see Jeff Cline signs on people’s property.

That being said, the John Barr signs all seem to be linked to one big business and not so much the people.  It sends a message that he is not in touch with the constituents, but rather that of business’s in Washington County.  It would seem to me that it would be prudent for someone who is running to represent the people of Washington County, that he would be in touch with them and leading the way.  Unfortunately, Commissioner Barr is lax in his opinion’s and his knowledge of what the People Want!!!!.

I know one thing for sure, Jeff Cline is very pro people, very pro job creation, limited taxation, giving back to the people and communities and anti Illegal Immigration and it’s tax burden’s on the County.  I also know that Jeff Cline is a staunch Constitutionalist and that given the opportunity, he would also want to implement E Verify for the County.  Now you ask, why is that important?  Well it is important for this reason, it will help restore the jobs back to the people of Washington County who are here legally.  It will help the middle class worker and their families.

Earlier this year, Myself and Help Save Maryland director, Brad Botwin presented our case to have E Verify put on the books in Washington County.  Months have gone by and numerous emails to the County Commissioners have gone unanswered, except for two of them, Terry Baker, who is an outstanding County Commissioner and deserves another term, and Democrat, Kristin Aleshire.  When I asked Commissioner Barr at the ABATE gathering at our DMV, why haven’t we gotten E Verify on the books yet?  Everyone else wants it on the books.  His answer, because it’s a state issue.  Well I informed Commissioner Barr that, that is just not true, in fact, I told him he was wrong as other counties have begun to implement it.  So in short, again, Commissioner Barr is missing the boat.  Concerns for Citizens over Big Business just does not seem to be his Motto, but rather, let me grease the business’s with some kind words and favors.  So in closing, Jeff Cline is a stark contrast to Commissioner Barr, Commissioner Barr has become what Senator Donald Munson has become, a RINO, which is not surprising since Barr has endorsed Munson’s campaign, even though Munson sides with the Democrats as much as Republicans, and is helping Democrat Delegate, John Donoghue on his campaign, disgraceful I know, but it just shows, that to some, Politics and Clout are more important then the People, in fact, Jeff is one of the nicest people I know who always put’s friends and family first over politics.  Clearly Jeff Cline is the best choice, if it were between 2 candidates.  It’s time for  RINO Commissioner Barr to retire to his Home in Florida for which he is so found and always traveling to.  I guess living in Washington County and the People just aren’t as important to him any longer.

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