Holder should drop the Arizona suit

Holder should drop the Arizona suit

Virginia is now the most recent of nine states to unite in opposition to Attorney General Eric Holder’s politically charged suit against Arizona’s recently enacted immigration law. Don’t be surprised if more states join the Arizona cause because Holder is now adding insult to injury by threatening a second suit against Arizona. This one would charge Arizona with racial profiling if the federal courts allow the state’s statute to go into effect as scheduled on July 29.

The injury is the time and money Holder is wasting by suing a state for passing a statute that repeats, almost word for word, existing federal law — on the flimsy grounds that it pre-empts federal authority to police the border, something the feds are doing only haphazardly now. The insult is Holder’s implication that Arizona law enforcement officers will racially target Hispanics even though the law specifically prohibits them from doing so.

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