Breaking News – VA and PA Join States That Support Arizona’s Immigration Law

VA AND PA – Virginia and Pennsylvania are now among the nine states that support Arizona’s new immigration law.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli signed onto a “Friend of the Court” brief that supports Arizona’s new immigration law. They say states have the authority to help enforce immigration laws.

A spokesperson for Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett also supports the brief, however Pennsylvania’s governor Ed Rendell says they don’t necessarily share the same opinion.

The other states supporting the brief include Michigan, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Nebraska and South Dakota.

The Obama administration is suing to block the enforcement of the law.

Arizona’s law is expected to take effect July 29th.


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  1. […] Immigration is surely the hottest issue of this hot summer.  Now comes news, thanks to Jeff at Dysfunction of Maryland Politics, that Pennsylvania and Virginia attorneys general are filing ‘friend of the court […]


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