Americans Ask Jim Deakin Not To Reelect John McCain

For immediate national release

July 15, 2010

CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
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Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is publicly asking US Senate Candidate Jim Deakin to consider withdrawing from the Arizona Republican primary to avoid playing the role of a political spoiler who aids the incumbency of US Senator John McCain who will likely lose his seat to challenger J.D. Hayworth.

American citizens who would like to join this call for Deakin to honorably step aside are encouraged to post their requests to Mr. Deakin beneath the copy of this national press release on ALIPAC’s website, at the link provided below.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Deakin’s continued candidacy has a strong chance of handing the election to John McCain, yet he has almost no significant chance of winning the race according to numerous polls and historical election models.”, said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “Mr. Deakin is either a true American patriot who wants to see real change in Washington who will help us defeat McCain, or he is someone playing the role of spoiler for DC influences that want John McCain to return to Washington.”

Republicans, Democrats, and even the Obama administration want to protect and reelect John McCain because a defeat for McCain would virtually destroy plans for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty, which would turn millions of illegal aliens into voters thus destroying all future immigration enforcement efforts and borders for the United States.

John McCain is trying to flip flop on his support for Amnesty for the second time. He is campaigning as if he is against Amnesty just like he did in the presidential primary. Once McCain won his last primary, he quickly went on Spanish news networks to proclaim his support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty once again.

“We want everyone to respect and honor Mr. Deakin’s positions, time, and sacrifices as a candidate,” said William Gheen. “But we also want everyone to speak out asking him not to risk being the man who strips a few percentage points away from J.D. Hayworth and throws the election to John McCain. If Deakin plays the role of spoiler and McCain wins due to his continued presence on the ballot, Deakin will become a total anathema to the movement he says he wants to represent.”

William Gheen has been involved with many campaigns where a spoiler candidate was used by incumbents to stay in office against strong challenges. It is hoped that ALIPAC’s sincere request will be fully considered by Mr. Deakin and that the Hayworth’s campaign will reach out to the Deakin campaign in partnership.

“We want to see Jim Deakin and J.D. Hayworth working together to bring John McCain home from DC,” said William Gheen.

William Gheen’s personal request to Mr. Deakin and requests from members of the public, immigration enforcement movement, and Tea Party movement, are being posted at the link below and all comments will be forwarded to the Deakin and Hayworth campaigns.

To post a comment to Mr. Jim Deakin asking him to withdraw and to read William Gheen’s open letter to Mr. Deakin visit this link…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tinman on July 15, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    I suspect he is in it to be the spoiler allowing McCain to remain in congress. JMO but I will send him an E-mail just the same.


  2. Posted by concerned on July 15, 2010 at 9:45 PM

    I would tend to agree with this philosophy. Would be like voting for the third party and getting a person you did not want,elected into office. Where in this case Mr Deakin would take votes away from Hayworth and possibly give McCain the seat. And we do not want that . So please Mr Deakin ,step aside for this election. Many people today will tell you”don’t vote third party”.


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