Governor O’Malley continues campaign of misinformation and lies – Decide for yourself

O’Malley email from Campaign Director, Rick Abruzesse and than Ehrlichs rebuttal. 

It amazes me that O’Malley can continue a campaign of lies and mis-information.

Email from O’Malley campaign.

You understand the tough decisions Martin O’Malley has made to move Maryland forward and put Maryland families first during this national economic recession. Now we’re taking that message to the airwaves, and we wanted you to be the first to see the campaign’s new ad that starts running on Monday.
“Tough Choices” focuses on the leadership Governor O’Malley has shown in protecting the priorities of Maryland families during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression – including record investments in our schools, tax credits for small businesses, a partnership at the Port of Baltimore to create new jobs, and his efforts to cut government spending by $5.6 billion.
Governor O’Malley cut $5.6 billion in government spending to balance the state budget four years in a row.  He’s made the tough choices to make government work better and help our small businesses and families through this recession. He’s fought for new tax credits for small business, new jobs at the Port of Baltimore, more affordable college tuition, and historic investments for our #1-ranked public school system. 
The ad can be viewed at
Have a great weekend!
-Rick Abbruzzese
Deputy Campaign Manager

Ehrlich Rebuttal:

O’Malley Launches First TV Ad; Ehrlich Calls It “Distorted”


He’s not attacking Bob Ehrlich like he is on the radio, but he is talking about the “tough choices” he’s made to help close the state’s deficit in his first television commercial.

Governor Martin O’Malley released the commercial, which begins airing in Baltimore on Monday.

The ad mentions the spending cuts O’Malley and the General Assembly approved to close the deficit, as well as initiatives to freeze in-state college tuition rates and provide tax credits.

O’Malley’s ad does not mention the tax hikes, including the sales tax hikes he convinced lawmakers to approve three years ago. Since that 2007, O’Malley has referred to the tax hikes as an example of “tough choices.

An Ehrlich campaign spokesman tells WBAL News that the ad “ignores the facts and distorts the record.”

“Just one example-O’Malley inherited a surplus of $1 billion, not a deficit. The fact is he’d like to distract us from his record of failure, increased unemployment, and higher taxes. When it comes to tough choices, he’s not able to chose the truth,” Ehrlich spokesman Andy Barth told WBAL News.

For the last few weeks, O’Malley has been airing a series of radio commercials on WBAL criticizing Ehrlich as a “corporate lobbyists” because of his association with Womble Carlyle Sandridge and Rice.  Ehrlich and several of his former gubernatorial aides had joined the firm three years ago.  Ehrlich took a leave of absence from the firm last week after he filed to run for governor.

The O’Malley ads did air during the WBAL Radio talk show that Ehrlich had co-hosted with his wife, until the end of last month.

Kendel Ehrlich now hosts the Saturday morning show alone.


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