Governor O’Malley’s Failing MARC Train System

Subject: Governor O’Malley’s Failing MARC Train System

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Dear friend,

No doubt you have heard the news of horrifying experiences Maryland commuters have endured recently on our MARC trains. Thousands of our fellow citizens have been subjected to trains that break down, sweltering heat, hospitalizations, and two hour train delays with no drinking water. The implosion of the MARC system under Martin O’Malley is aptly depicted in this video.

Whether it’s fixing commuter trains or creating jobs, Martin O’Malley simply isn’t getting the job done. Will you help Bob Ehrlich end this era of incompetence? By donating $20 to Bob’s campaign today, we’ll get one step closer to putting a real leader in the Governor’s Office.

Bob’s approach to MARC trains is simple: fix what’s broken first so commuters aren’t stuck on sweltering trains. He’ll immediately convene a discussion with MARC riders to identify solutions to a failed system.

Martin O’Malley’s approach is apparently to ignore frustrated consumers. His top transportation aide skipped all 30 meetings with Maryland’s MARC commuter council, refusing to hear firsthand how the system is broken or how it could be fixed.

You can help Bob lead Maryland in a new direction. With a donation of $20, we can connect Bob with Marylanders like you who are tired of paying higher taxes only to get deteriorating government services in return.

Bob Ehrlich stands for more jobs, lower taxes, and a government that puts your interests first. We hope you’ll stand alongside Bob and make a $20 contribution to his campaign. You have our commitment that your donation will be spent wisely and toward our shared goal: bringing new ideas and proven leadership to Annapolis.


Team Ehrlich

Our mailing address is:
Bob Ehrlich for MarylandP.O. Box 2
Timonium, MD 21094-0002

Copyright (C) 2010 Bob Ehrlich for Maryland All rights reserved.



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