Candidate Questionnaire Casa De Maryland in Action – Put a Stop to them!!!

Casa De Maryland is continuing it’s lawless activities by trying to get out the vote in specific areas and these areas are Pro OWE Malley counties. We all know that Illegal Aliens in Maryland received voting rights through Maryland’s Motor Voter Law. Everyone email Gustavo Torres and give him your thoughts on his message below.

—–Original Message—–
From: Gustavo Torres <>
To: Gustavo Torres <>
Sent: Wed, Jul 7, 2010 2:54 pm
Subject: Candidate Questionnaire

Dear Candidate,   This year, CASA de Maryland, the state’s largest service provider to the Latino community, celebrates 25 years of existence.  Reflecting the size and political maturity of both the organization and the hundreds of thousands of Latino and immigrant voters in the state, CASA de Maryland launched a c-4 partner this January, CASA in Action.  CASA in Action facilitates greater electoral and campaign engagement by Latinos.  Since its inception just a few short months ago, CASA in Action has attracted almost 5000 members. By the end of this year, we expect to have 20,000.   For the 2010 election season, CASA in Action will aggressively engage voters through political debates, Spanish-language earned media, voter registration, and Get-Out-The Vote activities focused in Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties and parts of Baltimore City and County.   Additionally, we are requesting that candidates answer questionnaires and will be using those responses to make recommendations to our membership on endorsements.  As you will see from the following questionnaire, our members care about problems common to working people across the states – safety, affordable housing, quality of schools. At the same time, immigration is a primary civil rights and political issue for all Latinos. A large number of Latino voters live in mixed immigration-status families and, particularly in Maryland, a large number of Latino voters are immigrants themselves.  Our members and the broader Latino voting community are looking for candidates that will vote for us and for our issues.   We are inviting you to participate in our CASA in Action candidate questionnaire. You can access our simple, on-line survey at this link: The deadline for submission is July 21, 2010. If you have any further questions and/or concerns, please feel free to email us at   Adelante!   Gustavo Torres President CASA in Action


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