Why Facebook and Politics make good Bedfellows – Part 1

Why Facebook and Politics make good Bedfellows Part 1

About 1 1/2 years ago, I was talking to my wife about Facebook, I made what I thought was a strange comment at the time, but looking back at it now, it really was not that strange.  I had mentioned to her that I thought that Facebook would decide the upcoming elections.  She said you know, you’re probably right.  And right she was.  Through the advent of Facebook, the voters of various groups, such as Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party Movements, Liberty Movements, Libertarian Party, Independents and Constitutional Party, candidates and politicians have been able to reach out to their constituency.  Sort of, the let’s get to know you kind of thing.  Through this, many organizations have been able to develop ties with the voters.  Some of which start-up their own Groups, Fan Pages, and in the case of Washington, their own propaganda.

If one thing is for sure, the Scott Brown effect began to rattle America and began reaching out to the voters through his Facebook Page.  It was his way of getting the issues out there for the voters to decide.  Many other very prominent politicians have done the same.  The last year plus 6 months has introduced many politicians to Facebook, Twitter and it has also brought to light the failures of President Obama, for which, I am grateful.  You say grateful?  I say, but of course.  If the voters did not have their outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking Accounts, the Liberal Media would have a continued dominance of all things politics.  They would be able to brainwash those who watch such arbitrary programs filled with misinformation and propaganda.  We know this, we know this because they have tried to tear down the Constitutional Freedoms of the Tea Party Movement, a group of people who started out to hold their Elected Leaders accountable for trying to take such freedoms away.  From this Group, we have been able to voice our concerns and displeasure.  As the elections begin to unfold, I can only harken back  to that day when I told my wife that I thought Facebook would decide the elections.  Not only is it deciding elections, but it is also deciding Bills, Amendments, Constitutional Freedoms and so on.  It has become a venting atmosphere for those who feel totally abandoned by their Elected Leaders and Politicians.

So lets look at today, practically every candidate you know has either a Facebook or Twitter account.  It’s their way of reaching out, their way of being able to put their views right in front of your face, not only that, it gives you the opportunity to speak out and let them know how you feel.  It seems like the days of paper and pen and dial pad phones are gone.  Gone by the way of Social Networking.  People use Social Networking for job searches, such as Linked In, getting in touch with family members who they haven’t talked to for years and have located them through Social Networking, or for that matter, it has also helped to solve some crimes around the country.  There is no longer a hole for which you can crawl into and hide, it’s all visible now and the politicians know it.  Take Bob Ehrlich for instance, long before he even announced his candidacy for Governor of Maryland again, he had his Facebook page up long ago.  It was his way of keeping the voters of Maryland informed, if you wished to be friends with him.  He used his Facebook account to stir up the Status Quo Politician and to announce his run for Governor in Maryland.  He kept the concerns of citizens and the harsh issues facing the state out in the open.   Now he has close to 28,000 friends linked in to him on Facebook and those 28,000 people may have an additional 2 to 500 friends.  Think about all of the people the message is hitting, think about all the votes one can obtain through this thing called Social Networking.   Not to mention, a Twitter account to boot.

Politicians use to take to the airwaves on the weekends, with either local radio shows, Tv shows, such as Meet the Press, etc.  But now they can go online and reach you through You Tube to get the message out.  Some politicians still use the Tv and Radio for getting out the message, IE., negative campaigning by the likes of Governor O’Malley,  but if you check out most political websites, they are all running their own streaming content, whether it be You Tube, or by some other means of video streaming.  Even Governor O’Malley has used the streaming world to reach out and hold a town hall meeting, but that did not go so well, the bandwidth was not available and it became bogged down and the town hall streaming session came to basically a halt.  But, it just shows, even when the Pols were using such means to get the Propaganda out about Health Care, the voters were able to combat that with their own, by means of the same tactics.

Now we get to meet the Candidates face to face, ask them the hard questions, whether they respond, well that is up to them, but I will tell you, for the most part, I have not had a question go unanswered by a candidate or someone working for the campaign.  There is always a way to reach out.  So, here we are, today’s future, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, other means of communicating with our officials, friends, loved ones, lost friends found, lost loves found, and it goes on.  There is another means for which many of us try to get the message out, that is through Blogging.

Blogging has become the thing, blogging reaches the reader right away, without delay.  If someone finds out that there is some sort of monkey business going on in politics, it is literally out within the next few minutes.  Real time releases.  I, myself, I love to Blog.  It gives me an outlet to let loose on my Constitutional Freedoms and to allow my first amendment right to come into play, but alas, our President is trying desperately to take that freedom.  He is trying to do so, so that he can control the media world as a whole.  Think about it this way, remember the James Bond Movie, where the evil doer was a news paper tycoon?  Wanting to control the news of Tomorrow?  That’s exactly what Obama and his socialist regime is trying to do, control tomorrows news today.  In the day of electronic media, it’s possible, believe me.  But, the We The People are not going to allow our Constitutional Freedoms to be taken away from us.  Hell with that.  This country was built on the foresight of our founding fathers and should those freedoms be taken away, you will probably see an up rising like no other, if you ask me.  The new Civil War.  Today is just Part 1 in the series I have decided to write about.  Remember, your freedoms are your choice, not one to be taken lightly or for granite.   It’s up to you to hold your Elected Leaders accountable, after all, you are their employer.

Cecil Calvert


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