OWE Malleys favorable ratings continue to drop like the Titanic

Maryland Governor Survey (7/2/10)

by magellan | on 2nd July 2010 | in Blog, Maryland, Survey Archives

In the rematch of the 2006 Maryland Governor race, Republican Bob Ehrlich currently holds a 3 point lead over incumbent Governor Martin O’Malley, 46% to 43%, 4% of voters prefer “another candidate”, and 7% are undecided.  These results are based on a Magellan Strategies automated survey of 752 likely Maryland voters fielded Tuesday, June 29th.  The ballot test numbers are just within the margin of error of 3.57%.  Looking at the results by voter subgroup, we find 25% of Democrats supporting Bob Ehrlich.  Maintaining that support will be critical to the Ehrlich Campaign considering voter turnout in past election cycles has averaged 58% Democrat, 31% Republican and 11% independent voters.  Governor O’Malley does well among younger voters 18 to 34, with a 9 point lead over Bob Ehrlich, and holds a 1 point lead among women, and voters 55 and older.

Candidate Image Ratings
Both the current and former Governor, Martin O’Malley is well known among all voters with name recognition of 99%.  Republican Bob Ehrlich currently has a stronger image rating than Governor O’Malley, with 51% of respondents having a favorable opinion of him and 32% having an unfavorable opinion.  Governor O’Malley’s image rating is slightly “upside down” among all voters, with 41% having a favorable opinion of him and 45% having an unfavorable opinion.  Among men, 39% have a favorable opinion of him and 51% have an unfavorable opinion.  Among women, his image ratio is 1 to 1, with 42% having a favorable opinion of him and 41% unfavorable.



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