Next Tuesday July 6th – Tea Party Rally in Hagerstown; Bus trip info. for Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally

Subject: Next Tuesday July 6th – Tea Party Rally in Hagerstown; Bus trip info. for Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally

In this email we will cover: (1) Free Glenn Beck bus ticket contest, (2) July 6, 2010 Hagerstown TEA Party Rally, 5-8pm, (3) Student Speech Contest, (4) July 20, 2010 Hagerstown TEA Party Meeting – Topic: Illegal Immigration, (5) Bus trip to DC for the Glenn Beck 8/28/10 event, and (6) Bus trip to DC for the 9/12/10 event.


It’s a CONTEST! We will have a drawing for a FREE SEAT ON THE BUS TO DC for the Glenn Beck 8/28/10 Rally with Sarah Palin! Simply sign-in at the July 6th TEA Party event at the Hagerstown TEA Party "Restore the Constitution" Rally, and we will pick one of the signed-in names to receive a free bus ticket to DC for the Glen Beck Rally! You need to be present to receive the ticket, and the winner will be announced at 7pm on July 6th, at the Rally. If you win the drawing and are not able to attend the 8/28/10 rally, you may transfer the free ticket to the person of your choice.


The Hagerstown TEA Party will have a "RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION" Rally on July 6, 2010, from 5 to 8 pm in front of the Court House in Hagerstown, MD. This rally will be the introduction to the Constitution Classes to be taught this fall by local constitutional lawyer Jim Warner. Please bring your positive, patriotic signs, your flags and your smiles and join us as we start our mission to help educate our communities about the greatness AND necessity of our US Constitution!! For more details, please see NOTICE: The time of this rally is later in the evening, 5-8 pm, in order to accommodate many of those who cannot make the afternoon TEA Parties. We hope that you and your friends will be able to be there!!


Do you know a student, age 14 to 24 who would be interested in participating in the student speech contest? The contestants will be giving their speeches at the July 6th rally at the Hagerstown Court House at 5:30 PM. Please see the attached flyer or call 240-329-0293 with any questions.


The Hagerstown TEA Party will be hosting its second monthly "Teach In" on July 20, 2010 at Next Dimensions (the old Moose Lodge) in Funkstown, MD. The topic is Illegal Immigration, and Ann Corcoran, the monthly meeting coordinator, has secured Charles Jenkins, Sheriff of Frederick County, to share with us his take on the problem nationally, and to tell us what his department is doing about it locally. In addition, Brad Botwin, Director of Help Save Maryland, will also be speaking regarding the affects and costs of illegal aliens in Maryland. It should be a very informative and inspiring talk, so please plan to attend!


We are organizing a bus trip for the Glenn Beck 8/28/10 Rally in DC from Hagerstown. The main stop will be in Hagerstown, MD, however we will plan to have stops in Hancock, Chambersburg, Martinsburg and Frederick if there are at least 20 people in each of those locations. According to the most current schedule, Sarah Palin will be the first speaker, so we will want to arrive in DC by 9:30 am in order to give us enough time to be there for the 10 am start. As such, we will be LEAVING from Hagerstown at 8:00 am, with a check-in starting at 7:30 am. The buses should return to Hagerstown by 3 pm. The cost per person is $22 before July 10th, $25 per person before August 10th, and then $30 after August 10th. We’ll take as many buses as we can fill, so please reserve your seat early. Reservations are considered made when the money has been received. You may either mail a check to the Hagerstown TEA Party, 20005 Lindenhurst Ct, Hagerstown, MD, 21742, bring a check to our house at that address, OR you may send a paypal to hagerstownteaparty, indicating who your payment is for and providing a phone number. Please see the attached flyer for complete registration information. We are VERY EXCITED for this trip, and hope that you (and all of your friends!) will join us!!

(6) 9/12/10 BUS TRIP

We are partnering with the Martinsburg TEA Party for the 9/12/10 Bus Trip to DC. Kandi Montini of the Martinsburg TEA Party will be organizing the buses for our area, and assuming that we will have a good number who would like to leave from Hagerstown, there should be a departure from Hagerstown. More details on this trip to follow, but please know that we will have buses to help you get there!!

We hope that everyone is having a great summer, and we look forward to seeing you very soon!


Neil and April Parrott


Speech contest2010.pdf



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