Let’s Hear From the Voters on Bob Ehrlich’s choice for Lt. Governor and How would you attack the issues?

Let’s throw some general questions out there and feel free to be honest and open about your answer’s.  It is very important to gauge the feel for Bob Ehrlich’s choice for Lt. Governor.  So, here is the question(s).

Do you like Ehrlich’s choice for Lt. Governor?  If so, why?  If not, why?

Do you feel like this choice is going to truly pull in the votes from Montgomery County needed to put him over the Top?

Bob Ehrlich has not formerly come out and issued a stance on Illegal Immigration in Maryland and the abuse of our Tax Dollars.  How important do you feel this issue is, in this campaign for Governor?  Very? Somewhat? Not Much? Not at all?

What are the main issues you feel that Bob Ehrlich/Mary Kane should be attacking during their campaign?  Do you feel as though they should expose the futility of Governor O’Malley and lack of fiscal restraint?

If you were running for Governor, where would you begin if you got elected?  Knowing full well, being a Republican that you would have to deal with a Socialist General Assembly.


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