As I Promised I would, if Informatoin surfaced that Don Murphy was not working for the SEIU

This morning I received a call from another undisclosed source, explaining that, Ex Delegate Don Murphy is no longer working for the SEIU and has not for past few years.  As I stated previously, if these facts become certain, that I would write a retraction to the fact, which I am now doing.

I also explained, that I was provided information regarding his past associations with the SEIU through his firm as a Lobbyist.

In closing, as I told the undisclosed source, this was by no means a personal attack, but because Dr. Wargotz has been linked to Liberals in the past with campaign donations, and then with Don Murphy working for him, that this was some very important information for the voter to know.  That being said, with Don Murphy no longer lobbying for the SEIU, I must retract certain aspects of the article to reflect today’s campaign.  I, in noway condone his lobbying efforts of the past, but since he has decided to take a different path in his career, I apologize for putting out the information.


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