OWE Malley Raids Oil Disaster Fund to Help Balance the Budget – More stealing from Peter to Pay Paul Politics

O’Malley’s Oil Disaster Fund Raid


Today Governor O’Malley convened a panel of experts to discuss the possibility of the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill reaching Maryland’s shores.  In a statement O’Malley was quoted saying, “While science tells us that any impact along Maryland’s coast is highly unlikely, it’s our obligation to prepare for the worst.” If Governor O’Malley believes it is his obligation to be prepared for the worst, why did he raid Maryland’s Oil Disaster Fund to paper over his record deficit?

According to the Budget Reconciliation & Financing Act of 2010, Governor O’Malley sought to raid $2.2 million from Maryland’s Oil Disaster Clean Up Fund, nearly half the anticipated year-end fund balance of $4.8 million, and move the money to the State’s General Fund to help balance the budget. Ultimately, the Oil Disaster Clean Up Fund was raided by a million dollars or roughly 21 percent.

There are many consequences to Governor O’Malley’s failure to present a long-term solution to the record budget deficit he created.  Our State is now less prepared to respond to hazardous oil spills if one were to occur in Maryland.  This Fund raid weakens Maryland’s environmental response and demonstrates that Governor O’Malley prefers to kick the budget can down the road, rather than show leadership in fixing Maryland’s record budget deficit.

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