Conservative Grassroots Supports Jim Rutledge

Conservative Grassroots Supports Jim Rutledge

By roblentz 06/29/2010

I’ve experienced an ever growing sense frustration with our elected politicians, like most people, over the course of the past 18 months. America voted for hope and change in 2008, though all there is to show for it is drastically increased debt to foreign nations due to bailouts of the automobile and housing industries, a takeover of our health care system, a growing unemployment rate, costly energy regulation, and our individual rights, liberties and freedoms being dismissed and trampled on “for our benefit”. Long ago taxes were designed to improve and build infrastructure, but these liberal progressives tax to redistribute our wealth.

The phrase, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is true, but it’s not too late. I, until recently, was an independent voter; not claiming party affiliation. Now, I realize it is time become more active and play a larger role in deciding the landscape of politics – both locally and nationally.

Fortunately, our founding fathers were visionaries and enabled us, the people, to recover from errors in past judgment – after all we are human. November is literally around the corner, but even closer is the primaries. Here in Maryland the primaries are September 14th.

It is vital for you to find and support a candidate that embodies the morals and values that you practice and hold dear – values and opportunities that you desire to pass along to your children and grandchildren. This is America – the land of opportunity, not the land of entitlements.

We are in a fight my friends. To be clear, this is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue – this is an American issue. This is a fight for our country and we must take it back. Socialists have been trying to take over and destroy our exceptional country for over a century. We must seek and support conservative candidates to counter balance the continued infringement or our rights and liberties.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce to you one man. A man that I met in earlier this Spring and has continued to impress me and all those he has met. He is a long time Maryland resident and is from a long line of farmers, where he resides, in Hartford County. His name is Jim Rutledge and he is running for U.S. Senate in Maryland. He is a true conservative, Reagan Republican. I feel we Marylanders are fortunate to have a candidate to support and rally behind to wage our retaliation on this socialist regime by unearthing the likes of the entrenched Barbara Mikulski who has occupied our Senate seat for nearly 30 years. I urge you to take a moment to learn more about Jim Rutledge. When you have chance, visit his website: Support Jim Rutledge. Campaign for Jim Rutledge. Vote for Jim Rutledge. Let’s take our country back by giving Babs the boot in November!


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  1. Posted by MommyPatriot on June 29, 2010 at 5:49 PM

    Thank you for getting involved. I stand with you and your endorsement of Jim Rutledge for the US Senate. The citizens of Maryland actually have a choice this year. More liberal lunacy or a candidate who will adhere to the principles that Ronald Reagan used to steer our country back from the brink of disaster after the Carter years. Jim Rutledge gets my vote. I can’t wait for September 14!


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