O’Malley in the gutter – Maryland Republican Party and Blair Lee rips O’Malley for Lies in Radio Campaign Attacks on Ehrlich

O’Malley in the gutter – Maryland Republican Party and Blair Lee rips O’Malley for Lies in Radio Campaign Attacks on Ehrlich

O’Malley in the gutter

What happens when you’re running for reelection but you’ve pushed through record tax increases, overseen a doubling of unemployment, and turned a record budget surplus into a record deficit? You go negative, very negative.

That’s just what Governor O’Malley is doing with his deceitful radio ads in what amounts to a pathetic attempt to smear Bob Ehrlich. We’re not buying the ads and neither is Blair Lee in his latest piece for the Gazette:

Maryland voters are used to a variety of low-level political dirty tricks: tearing down lawn signs, phony ballots, running a candidate with the same name as your opponent’s and so on. But rarely do we witness a decision made at the very top to purposely deceive voters using a widespread media campaign based on complete falsehoods. But that’s what Martin O’Malley just did. Virtually every facet of O’Malley’s radio ad is either a gross misrepresentation or a lie.

Let me count the ways: Bob Ehrlich is not, and never has been, a lobbyist. Nor has he done any legal work for oil companies. "Drill, baby, drill" is not, and never has been, his policy. The sound bite was lifted from a 2008 radio show when Ehrlich used the phrase to describe Senate candidate Mike Steele’s drilling policy. Likewise, "we made a lot of money" was lifted from a radio interview when Ehrlich described why he was torn about re-entering politics; the sound bite had nothing to do with oil companies.

Voting for greater gulf drilling? Yes, Ehrlich voted for House Bill 185 on June 21, 2001, a compromise measure that limited drilling to less than that sought by President Bush. The bill passed 376 to 32 with votes by Ehrlich, Nancy Pelosi, Barny Frank, Henry Waxman, Maxine Waters and the entire Maryland delegation, including Steny Hoyer, Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin. Compare this truth to what O’Malley’s radio ad makes you believe.

So, why did O’Malley go into the gutter and why did he think he’d get away with it?

One, he’s panicking. The three latest polls show Ehrlich drawing even, and an unpublished Democratic poll shows Ehrlich ahead.

Read the rest of Blair’s article here



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