Kendel Ehrlich predicts ‘ugly’ campaign from Maryland Reporter

Kendel Ehrlich predicts ‘ugly’ campaign

Former Maryland first lady Kendel Ehrlich told a group of Republican women Wednesday that the campaign pitting her husband, ex-Gov. Bob Ehrlich, against Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley “is going to be ugly.”

Speaking at a luncheon in Ellicott City, Mrs. Ehrlich was referring specifically to a radio ad by the O’Malley campaign that tied her husband to the Gulf oil spill as an advocate of offshore drilling and a lobbyist for big oil.

Some Republicans in blogs and talk radio have criticized the Ehrlich campaign for not responding more forcefully to this ad and an earlier radio spot that mocked Ehrlich as a big spender.

“We’re going to be very strong in our advertising response at the appropriate time,” said Kendel, who has been actively campaign for her husband and other Republicans throughout the state. “At the appropriate time we will be talking about real issues in the campaign – about the unemployment rate, about the tax rate.”


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