Shocking Republican Names show up on List of those who Voted for Casa De Maryland’s 1 Million Dollars

I am completely and utterly shocked at the names I am seeing on this list.  Please read through this and then Email those Legislators, So Called Republicans who Pandered to Casa De Maryland. 

Republicans who don’t mind your tax dollars going to CASA

UPDATE APRIL 4! Delegate Leroy Myers emailed constituents yesterday:

“Thank you for contacting me regarding votes on Delegate McDonough’s amendment to Senate Bill 90 line 6 in the General Fund Appropriation, to withdraw 1 million dollars in funding to CASA of Maryland, Inc. Multicultural Center. It is always wonderful to hear from citizens of Maryland who are engaged and involved in the government of this great State. As the 2008 session draws near the end, we have spent many long hours working on the State’s business. Without going into detail regarding the circumstances, at the time voting took place for this particular amendment I had to step away from the floor to deal with another issue. This action was not planned and was simply a matter of timing. As a result I was not present, was therefore unable to cast my vote. I do officially support Delegate McDonough’s amendment to this bill and would have (if present) voted for this amendment withdrawing the 1 million dollars earmarked for CASA of Maryland, Inc. Multicultural Center.”


Eight Republican members (scroll down) of the General Assembly must either think CASA of Maryland is really cool, or getting in CASA’s way is the third rail of Maryland politics.

This is a good week for their constituents to ask the Republican CASA Eight “why.” Maybe those who sent these lawmakers to Annapolis can bring them to a better mind before it is too late.

Republican state senator Donald Munson voted against Andy Harris’ Senate floor amendment to cut to zero a $1,0000,000 appropriation to CASA of Maryland. Seven House of Delegates Republicans took a walk while 29 other House of Delegates Republicans (and five Democrats) voted for Pat McDonough’s House floor amendment to cut this $1,000,000 appropriation for CASA of Maryland.

Just last month, CASA honored Maryland delegate and Judiciary Committee chairman Joe Vallario as an “Immigration Hero.”

Click here to learn more about this taxpayer-aided voice for Hispanic immigrants, both legal and illegal.

Here is an illuminating YouTube of Mr.Vallario receiving his award at a CASA rally.

Here is CASA’s most recent listing of taxpayer support, anticipated and received, but apparently not including this $ 1,000,000 appropriation comfortably seated on the Annapolis legislative railroad.

Seven Republican delegates Wendell Beitzel, Robert Costa, Page Elmore, LeRoy Myers, Donna Stifler, Donald Elliott, and Andrew Serafini scurried off to the benches when the opportunity came to try to save the taxpayers this $1,000,000 slice of pork destined for CASA. They could have done the right thing by voting for Pat McDonough’s House floor amendment instead of ducking the choice.

In a remarkable show of cohesion, however, for House of Delegates Republicans (who now seem to be getting in touch with their inner fiscal self), 34 of their caucus (out of 37 Republicans) voted against the 2009 Maryland budget. In the Maryland senate, seven (out of fourteen) Republicans had earlier this month voted against the leadership’s government-growing budget package.

Lamentably, three delegates of the CASA Eight also voted for this taxpayer-hostile measure: Beitzel, Costa, and Elmore. State senator Munson, too, voted to pass the FY 2009 budget bill – – – along with Republican state senators David Brinkley, Richard Colburn, George Edwards, Barry Glassman, Larry Haines, and Lowell Stoltzfus.

Stay tuned for more on Maryland pork and taxes!


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