Senator Don Munson’s Million Dollar Vote to assist Illegal Aliens and Casa De Maryland and other information

Subject: Senator Don Munson’s Million Dollar Vote to assist Illegal Aliens and Casa De Maryland and other information

Here are some pictures from Help Save Maryland’s protest at Casa De Maryland’s Ribbon Cutting Protest for 25 years of Assisting Illegal Aliens. The question is, has Munson actually been down there to see what his money vote went towards? But I will fill you in on the area. It is infested with MS13 Gang Violence, Everything down in Takoma/Langely Park is in all Spanish, graffiti everywhere, rundown buildings, housing code violations from the Slum Lords who are allowing more people to reside in a domicile that is legally allowed. High murder rates, drunks passed out on the ground, run down business’s, trash and filth everywhere. The I did not understand what I was voting for is not a valid reason to allow funding to an organization that breaks the laws in Maryland and who is receiving funding from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Don Munson’s vote for a building that harbors, assists and abets and promotes law breaking activities in Maryland is disgraceful and while Illegal Immigration continues to grow in Washington County, funding for Dams, Libraries and Museums should be put aside to help protect the future of Washington County. Don Munson and John Donoghue were the only ones accepting budget dollars, that are Tax Dollars for silly projects in Washington County.

Examples, why didn’t Senator Munson and Delegate Donoghue try to appropriate funds for the Waste Treatment Plant where 3 of the 4 pumps are not working and should the 4th one go, all that waste and toxic chemicals would flow right on down the river, making it unfishable, affecting the small business’s that work the river.

Why are we funding a library where only 19 percent of Washington Countians use?

Why are we funding a dam that would not hurt the estuary if it were to crumble? Newly released studies show that Senator Munson’s reasoning of Sediments and a 8 foot wall of water breaking loose is not true. That money could be used on education and healthcare costs in Washington County.

Why isn’t Senator Munson pushing County Commish President John Barr to institute E Verify, when all other Washington County commissioners are for it, Delegates and Candidates, other than John Donoghue and the Lib Candidates? I had two letters of Support to put this in place, Delegate LeRoy Myers, and Delegate Chris Shank, who has also tried to push through the Healthcare Freedom Act and who has truly fought for the people above his own ambitions.

Why did Senator Munson vote for Speed Camera’s and to furlough State Workers?

Why is Senator Munson helping John Donoghue on his campaign to make sure a Republican, Cort M does not win the district? Word Has it. Allegedly.

Why are we not pushing for a Secure Communities Program like other counties are implementing regarding Gang Violence? After all, the Illegal Aliens are coming up the corridor and working our Jobs in Washington County. Hagerstown City limits is loaded with housing code violations with multiple Hispanics living in one domicile, example, Edgewood Hill Apartments has numerous Apartments with more than 6 people living in one apartment. Other properties are using Lawn Care services using Illegal Immigrants to do the work.

Why didn’t Senator Munson sign the Tax Pledge? The only GOP Senator in Annapolis not to do so? I know why, because he has voted for increased spending and regressive taxation.

Why is Senator Munson not participating in the Tea Party events where we uphold our rights under the Constitution and our Freedoms and Liberties?

Why is Senator Munson rated next to last in the Senate GOP in voting with his peers? Growing the Spending and the Budget?

In closing, enjoy the pictures from the Protest rally in PG County, a county that Senator Munson had no business sending Tax Dollars too, when those Tax Dollars could have been used here where we need it most, especially with the second highest unemployment rate in the state, and where we need money to help our communities and to help create jobs instead of fixing libraries and dams and restoring a Mansion in PG County that helps illegal aliens circumvent the process and receive social services, our tax dollars. A vote for Munson and Donoghue, is a vote for OWE Malley and a vote for increased spending, wasteful pork, and increased taxes. The people of Washington County need answers from the kind Senator if he is trying to retain his position in Annapolis. The people of Washington County want a debate on the issues. Delegate Shank and Senator Munson, let’s have our debate, let’s come clean on the issues so those who are commenting in the Herald Mail can be educated on Facts instead of misleading the voters of Washington County with Smoke and Mirrors and Rhetoric. For all those receiving this from my mailing list, please be sure to send around to all your friends and family in Washington County, these are questions we deserve answers to, and the only way to get them will be through a debate. And please be sure to visit my blog from time to time with further updates. Ask John Donoghue how to get to it or if you see him at a local establishment enjoying an adult beverage, feel free to ask him the questions too, I am sure he will give you some kind of excuse, after all, he is good at ducking and weaving. Another failure in our Annapolis Delegation who parties up to Mike Busch and OWE Malley and the status quo career politician.

Jeff Werner

“United We Stand, Together We Fall, Unity, Resistance”

“Don’t Tread on Me”

“Citizen above Politician”

“Citizens are the Employer of the Elected Official, not the other way around”


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