O’Malley takes more Money From Special Interest Groups and Lobbyist’s than Ehrlich Does.

All you need to do is go to the Campaign Finance website through the Maryland Board of Elections to see who is really in bed with the Lobbyist’s, Special Interest Groups and Law Firms. That would be Governor O’Malley, not Bob Ehrlich. When will O’Malley’s campaign actually do it’s research before lauding faux paux Campaign Ad’s attacking Ehrlich. It is just amazing the misinformation and distortions coming from O’Malley’s campaign. Let us not forget, this is also a campaign that has solicited the State Worker, at their Work Email Address for Campaign Donations, and O’Malley’s links to the SEIU for Support as well. For the last 3 years, Governor O’Malley has been pulling the wool over the Hard Working Middle Class in Maryland, where our taxes have not gone down, but have gone up due to his project funding, raises to the PSC, raises to his Staff Members and much much more. How about his meddling in Constellation Energy, where he clearly signed a document that he would not get involved in the Merger Process with EDF? If I am wrong, please correct me, but I will continue to call out the O’Malley Campaign for it’s misinformation.

Governor O’Malley continues to mislead and misrepresent the facts, one needs to only look into his last campaign where again, he lied to the Electorate with False Promises and Hopes. Special Sessions, Failed Slots Referendum, lack of Transportation Assistance, pulling money out of other projects to cover the deficits in Maryland. The stimulus from Obama which has not helped Maryland at all. Failure to accept the 800 million dollar glide path bill to ease the budget deficit over the next couple of years. Failed job recovery, where Under Employment rates in Maryland continue to hover around 13 percent, which puts Maryland in the top 10 in the country. If we were not next to DC, our unemployment rates would most likely lead the Nation.

Now O’Malley takes a shot at Ehrlich as being in bed with the Lobbyists, when in actuality, O’Malley is the one who is leading the way in Campaign Donations from the Lobbyist’s. O’Malley takes a national catastrophe of the Oil Spill in the Gulf and tries to link Ehrlich as some sort of Oil Tycoon and Lobbyist. It becomes rather redundant to listen to the same smoke and mirror act from the current Governor, and quite frankly, it’s rather boring. O’Malley is going to lose this election, not because of the things that are being brought up, but the lack of issues not being brought up, such as his support for Illegal Immigration in Maryland and allowing a Criminal Group, Casa De Maryland to operate in Maryland and abuse the Tax Dollars, Social Services, Health Care, Housing. Why hasn’t O’Malley launched an investigation into Casa De Maryland who is receiving funds from Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and allowing Day Labor sites, which are harboring Illegal Aliens to get work? Isn’t that against the Law? When are the Maryland Law makers going to stand up and do as the people ask, INVESTIGATE, what do you have to lose, well maybe a couple hundred thousand votes, since Illegal Aliens have voting rights in Maryland, and as we just found out, so have convicted Felons. Fraudulent activities of Casa De Maryland and their tie in’s to La Raza, Catholic Charities, Identity Inc, which states that all Undocumented individuals are allowed to stay here.

It’s time for this Governor to come clean and stop misleading the public. Once Illegal Immigration becomes the topic of this Election, once people find out about O’Malleys involvement to support Casa De Maryland and Illegal Immigration, the facts will truly come out and not misinformation. Quite frankly, I don’t care if you are tired of getting or not reading my emails, the facts are the facts and people are beginning to wake up and see what is really taking place in Maryland. Even Liberal Newspapers are starting to call out O’Malleys attacks as misleading and spinning and non factual. When the Liberal Fish Wraps start going after a Liberal Governor, they see the writing on the wall.

Jeffrey Werner

"United We Stand, Together We Fall, Unity, Resistance"


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