More on Senator Don Munson. The List Keeps Growing on his Liberal Voting Record

Does Donald Munson remember the Reagan presidency?

UPDATE!  Senate approves computer-services tax repeal but substitutes anti-small business levy, a.k.a. “millionaires’ tax.” Click here for WBAL report: “The governor says those facing the higher tax rate can afford it.”


Is state senator Donald Munson confused about his party affiliation? After his vote to send CASA $1,000,000 in state funds, concerned constituents may wonder.

Or perhaps he believes he is in a time warp and in the party of Nelson Rockefeller, not that of Ronald Reagan? (To be fair, he would not be the first Maryland Republican seemingly beguiled by time-space aliens into believing he was in the old country-club GOP.)

WBAL reports that the Washington County lawmaker voted yesterday in committee for the Administration plan that

replaces the $200-million the state would collect from the [computer services sales and use] tax, with a package that includes a higher income tax rate on persons making more than $1-million annually.

WBAL cites Mr. Munson:

Hagerstown Republican Donald Munson told his colleagues that there are only 41 millionaires in his district, but there are dozens of tech firms that bring hundreds of jobs to his district.

Perhaps without Mr. Munson’s support, the Administration would have had to cut spending instead. And if they could have prevailed without the Munson vote, why did he not send a message to curtail spending by voting “no.”

A good thing that Donald Munson didn’t sign the no-new-taxes pledge. Otherwise he would have to explain shifting a big load of taxes from one group of Maryland tax producers to another group of Maryland tax producers.

Presumably the voters of Washington County will ask their state senator to detail how many small businesses (a.k.a. millionaires) operating in Washington County employ how many people? Some of these small businesses might even be computer-services enterprises relieved from one tax burden, but now subject to another tax.

But no one can say the senator has not been diligent in trying to expand state debt.

Here are some of the bills he has sponsored:doing just that: “Washington County – Maryland Theater“; “Washington County – Springfield Barn“; “Washington County – Museum of Fine Arts“; “Washington County – Conococheague Aqueduct”;


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