O’Malley thinks he is in Chicago, Plays Chicagoland Sleaze Ball Politics – Continues to Mislead the Electorate with Fabrications and Mis Information

Subject: Fwd: Solutions vs. Sleaze

You always know when a candidate is in fear of losing their job when they resort to Sleaze Ball Politics. O’Malley is doing that now, sinking to new lows with each and every passing week. This week he is trying to claim that Ehrlich is some kind of Oil Barron or secretly working for the Oil Industry. Next thing you know, since O’Malley is trying to capitalize on a National Catastrophe, Ehrlich with be secretly working with BP to undermine the United States. After all, the only time Ehrlich has spoken of Oil producing, is in the Ankar (sp) Region of Alaska to drill. So here we are, a Governor sinking to Chicago style politics because he is in fear, fear of losing the Kings Seat. Boy Governor doesn’t like that very much and is pulling out all the stops. But let’s refresh everyone on this Governor, gave money out of the Governor’s General Fund to the Criminal Enterprise, Casa De Maryland, which also breaks the law by assisting and harboring and abetting illegal aliens and helped push through Driver’s License’s for Illegal’s to retain. Allows those illegal aliens to siphon our tax dollars out of the Social Services coffer. Let’s not forget about all the Campaign Donations that O’Malley has received from the Special Interest Groups, Lobbyist’s, Peter Angelos Law Firm, MASN and the Baltimore Orioles fund of all places and Constellation and Law Firms. Talk about failure, there is a true organization the Governor should look to for advice, right? Peter Angelos and the Orioles. Well, we know about MOM’s relationship with Peter the Great, his secret meeting about Walter Abbott setup by Mike Miller, Senate President. Allegedly. Maybe the Governor is taking a page right out of Dan Rodricks illicit writing skills from his Column in the Liberal Sun Paper. The voter’s are no longer fooled by this Governor who has had 3 years of misinformation, hidden agendas, lacked transparency, largest tax increase in the history of Maryland, wanted to fire Nancy Grasmick, State School Superintendent, gets State Trooper’s reassigned miles and miles away from where they live to prove a point. Well, one thing is for sure, in November, we will remember. We will remember his Chicago Style politics, right out of the book of JFK’s father, Jack Sr., and his idol, Obama The Mistake. One thing is for sure, this is not the early 60’s, this is not a JFK, although O’Malley’s Daddy In Law, Joe Curran is still pulling the strings as the Master Puppeteer. This type of Propaganda that O’Malley is pushing during his campaign is squarely trying to scare the voters, but what he doesn’t understand is, we don’t believe a word he says, not one lick. Don’t forget, rated worst Governor in the United States of America in 2008 for his Tax and Spend Policies and his lack of Fiscal Restraint during a National Recession by growing the budget over 22 percent in years, furloughed the state workers, which by the way is the middle class, the so called people he works so hard for. In closing, whether you accept it or not, this Governor is coming to the end of a very Futile Career as a Politician in Maryland. Maybe we will all be fortunate enough and he will go into retirement and play with his band to make up for his lost revenues and I know there are a few illegal aliens for sale at Casa De Maryland’s day labor centers, no papers required, work under the table, avoid your taxes, live for free off the Maryland tax payer.

Date: Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Solutions vs. Sleaze

Dear friend,

The contrast between the two candidates for Governor of Maryland could not be clearer.

While we offer new policy solutions to create jobs and lower taxes, Governor Martin O’Malley seeks to change the subject from his failed legacy by financing false attack ads against me. It’s hard to believe, but he’s actually trying to blame me for the BP Oil spill in Louisiana. What’s next…I forced Northrop Grumman to move to Virginia?

You can help me fight these desperate attacks. If you donate to my campaign today we can get the word out about Martin O’Malley’s scheme to mislead Marylanders and uncover his record of standing idly by as Maryland’s unemployment rate doubled.

Observers across Maryland denounced O’Malley’s attack ad, saying he “took liberties” with my record, was guilty of a “dirty political attack,” and that his ad was an outright “lie.” Even The (Baltimore) Sun said he “went too far.”

Why would he do this? Because he doesn’t want you to know about his own legacy of record job losses, historic tax increases, and unprecedented budget deficits.

I have presented new policy ideas to lead Maryland in a new direction, including my Entrepreneur Agenda, job-creating tax credits, and a plan to give Maryland students access to better-performing schools. I will be offering more ideas to create jobs, lower taxes, and fix Maryland’s budget throughout this campaign.

My opponent’s playbook for this campaign is simple: mislead Marylanders and protect the only job he cares about — his own.

With your contribution to my campaign, I can aggressively respond to his desperate attempts to salvage his imploding campaign and offer a real plan to make Maryland the job creation capital of the United States.

The choice before Marylanders is simple: Solutions or sleaze. If you support real solutions for Maryland and want to rid this campaign of sleazy attacks, please donate to my campaign today. I promise to run a campaign that will make you proud – a campaign based on new ideas for a new Maryland.


Bob Ehrlich

Our mailing address is:
Bob Ehrlich for Maryland P.O. Box 2
Timonium, MD 21094-0002

Copyright (C) 2010 Bob Ehrlich for Maryland All rights reserved.


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