Major fund raiser for Charles Lollar

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

I am enclosing a Press Release regarding Charles Lollar’s wonderful performance on the Sean Hannity Show this past Friday evening. Also enclosed is our invitation to a family picnic at Potts Point for Charles Lollar and also his Palm Card Flier. We have a wonderful time planned for all and hope to see you there.

You can pay by credit card by going to selecting events and then selecting the picnic at Potts Point and follow the directions. You can also send a check to Faye Brusso’s address for the event. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 301-322-2000, or e-mail me.

Press Release

For Immediate Release
June 12, 2010

For further Information contact:
Erika McGrew
301-908-1735 cell

Lollar Appears on Fox News, Snags Hannity Endorsement

NEW YORK, N.Y. June 11, 2010 – Charles Lollar, Republican primary candidate for Maryland’s fifth district congressional seat appeared on Fox News Channel’s Hannity Friday, June 11 where he received the endorsement of the show’s host, conservative commentator Sean Hannity, in his bid to unseat Steny Hoyer.

Lollar discussed topics including the oil spill in the Gulf and the President’s response, saying that his experience as a Marine Corps Reserve officer would have led him to bring together all of the parties involved to create solutions to the problem at the onset.

“We have a crisis,” said Lollar “Thousands of jobs are being lost. We should have had a strategy and a plan.”

He also related he learned in combat with the “bullets whistling overhead,” that you must have a plan. “The president does not appear to have a plan, his leadership is lacking, and that is why he appears as he does,” said Lollar.

Lollar appeared on the nationally televised show as part of the Great American Panel along with National Review contributor Jim Geraghty and Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers.

Lollar, 38, a resident of Charles County, Md. is a successful African-American businessman who has energized the voters of Maryland’s fifth district with his ideas and solutions for homeland and national security and defense, transparency and accountability, job retention and creation, healthcare reform and legal immigration.
Additional information on Lollar and his “New Day for Maryland” campaign is available from the campaign’s website at info<mailto:info> .


Authorized by Charles Lollar for Congress

Very truly yours,

Cynthia & Cal
Cynthia M. Steuart
Steuart & Steuart
Attorneys at Law
Atlantic Coast Title, Inc.
301-322-2000, fax: 301-322-7176
cell: 301-343-3169


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