Wargotz, Brinkley, Jenkins address key issues.

Wargotz, Brinkley, Jenkins address key issues.
Frederick, MD Eric Wargotz, a member of the Queens Anne’s County Board of Commissioners, State Senator David Brinkley of Frederick and Carroll Counties and Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins met with area voters at the home of Jennifer Charlton-Shuldes and Gene Shuldes of Woodsboro, to discuss the key issues facing government and the 2010 campaign in Frederick, Annapolis and Washington.
Reckless spending and illegal immigration and their affect on jobs and crime were among the main topics of discussion.
Senator Brinkley, a leader in Annapolis on budget issues, was the sponsor of legislation to prohibit illegal aliens from obtaining a driver’s license. Brinkley, who sponsored his own budget bill during this past General Assembly session, spoke of the need for fiscal discipline in both Annapolis and Washington.
Sheriff Jenkins, who is known statewide for his efforts to detain and deport illegal immigrants, discussed his use of the Federal Secure Communities and 287G Programs to lead the state in arrests and deportations.
Commissioner Wargotz spoke of his Commission’s efforts to ban area businesses that hire illegals from being awarded county contracts. He said that thanks to his Sheriff, Gery Hofmann, Wargotz was proud to say that Queen Anne’s County (one of the few counties in Maryland to participate in the Secured Communities Program) was an Eastern Shore leader in deportations. Wargotz also addressed the budget cuts his county recently made in order to avoid tax increases.
A physician in private practice, Wargotz is serving his first term as the elected President of the Queen Anne’s County Board of Commissioners. Commissioner Wargotz is the lead US Senate candidate in a crowded field for the Republican nomination for the seat currently held by the 34-year incumbent, Barbara Mikulski.

Disclaimer – Posted as an Illegal Immigration Article.

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