Governor Ehrlich goes on Record against Law Breaking Organization Casa De Maryland – No Instate Tuition, Drivers Licenses, Misuse of Maryland Tax Dollars

Montgomery County Sentinel Interviews Former Gov Bob Ehrlich (R)

As part of HSM’s educational outreach activities we have circulated many quotes from Governor Martin O’Malley regarding his views on illegal immigration. We are now dedicating space to publish the views of former Governor Bob Ehrlich and current candidate for his old office. There is an interesting interview with Ehrlich on a number of issues in the June 17 issue of the Sentinel. Below are the questions posed by Montgomery County Sentinel Reporter Paige Hill and Ehrlich’s answers. (I was unable to find an electronic copy so I retyped the Q&As):

Q- Immigration is a growing issue in Maryland, what is your stance on CASA of Maryland?

A- I think if CASA fulfilled its original mission, which is assimilation, I would be shouting from the rooftops how wonderful they are. To the extent that they want to assist illegal behavior, I will not be shouting from any rooftops. That is an inappropriate use of taxpayer money.

Q- Do you have a general plan to deal with illegal immigration in Maryland?

A – Well, the plan in Maryland has typically been treated as a federal issue. We, at the state level, can deal with it in three ways: drivers’ licenses, in-state tuition and the funding issues we were talking about like with CASA. If the CASAs of the world cleaned up their acts, we’d be very happy to support them. I oppose illegal drivers licenses and the compromise I struck was an unfortunate one during my term. Gov Martin O’Malley failed again to protect the state by following suit. It takes six years for an illegal to giveup a drivers license, and that cant go on. And I oppose in-state tuition.

Jeffrey Werner

"United We Stand, Together We Fall, Unity, Resistance"


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