US Senate Candidate Jim Rutledge Receives another Endorsement, Baltimore County Reagan Club

The Reagan Republican Club endorsed Jim Rutledge in the Republican U.S. Senate race. Located in Baltimore County, the Reagan Republican Club conducted a straw poll during the club’s monthly meeting on June 17th. Jim Rutledge received a super majority (2/3rds or better) of the votes cast. The vote reflects the sentiment across Maryland and the country that constitutional, conservative leaders are needed.


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  1. Posted by Lisa Fitzhugh on June 19, 2010 at 8:05 AM

    Hey there Cecil Calvert!
    Are you able to attend the rally this evening? We’d love to have you and your family!
    It be great to say hello in person!
    What can you do?
    Join us for a dust raising
    Rally for Rutledge
    and do your part for the fight for freedom. Come & meet Jim Rutledge, your Republican Candidate for the United States Senate (currently held by Mikulski).
    5 –8 pm
    Live Pick’n& Grinn’nBluegrass
    –Sit ins welcome
    Back in the Day
    w/Kevin Ray
    Kids Liberty Craft
    6 pm
    Liberty Speech by Candidate Jim Rutledge
    –Bring your US Constitution
    Attention Patriots and Citizens, neighbors and friends!
    Saturday, June 19th
    5 -8 pm
    Ralph Norton’s Place
    (formerly Camp Hidden Valley)
    4722 Mellow Road
    White Hall, MD
    Ricky Smithson’s Famous Pit Beef & Good Eats served 5–7 pm
    Cost for freedom? $50 family (Mom, Dad & kids, or just Maw & Paw)/$30 person
    Additional funds for the cause needed, welcomed, and appreciated!
    Send your money TODAY to Rutledge for US Senate, PO Box 263, Forest Hill, MD 21050 or pay at the gate.
    Paid for by Rutledge for US Senate 2010 Committee


  2. Hey – check out RightKlik‘s website. They’re looking for votes for next week’s candidate for Ten Buck Fridays. Jim Rutledge has been nominated. Consider voting.


  3. I met Jim at a neighbor’s fund raiser this past Friday evening, and was so impressed with his honesty, candor, intelligence and devotion to America that I pledged to help him win the Primary and General elections against Mikulski. There is no comparison between Mikulski and Rutledge; Jim Rutledge is the real thing – – – he’s Maryland’s version of Scott Brown and then some. Sure, we Marlanders need him to be our US Senator; but America needs him too. You have to hear and/or read his positions on jobs and the economy, the Constitution, tax and tort reform, and term limits to know why now is the time for all Marylanders to send Rutledge to the Capitol.

    If you never voted before, now’s the time to register and vote for Jim Rutledge. If you plan to vote for any other candidate, compare him or her with Jim Rutledge. Jim has held real jobs and is not a career politician. Jim is very intelligent, but not at all arrogant or caustic. Jim is fiscally conservative and a strong supporter of the Constitution. Help him win the Primary (Sept 14) and General (Nov 2) Elections by spreading the word; you’ll be glad you did, and your children will thank you. We need 535 Senators and Congressmen just like him to set this Nation back on the right course. Visit Jim’s website at for details.

    The one thing you can do to help America regain its economic strength and respect throughout the world is to vote Jim Rutledge into the US Senate in 2010. You will be proud to have Jim as Maryland’s newest US Senator (ask yourself if you’ve ever had a single reason to be proud of either of our current Senators). Jim Rutledge – – he’s the real thing.


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