Governor O’Malley and his Croonies continue to Mislead and Lie to the Public about Bob Ehrlich in Campaign Ads

Cecil Calvert Blasts Governor O’Malley for Misleading and Lying to the Public about Ehrlich

Subject: Governor O’Malley and his Croonies continue to Mislead and Lie to the Public about Bob Ehrlich in Campaign Ads

To the Masses and Media,

We will hold the Governor accountable for his failure during his term as Governor in November by voting him out. He is the worst, let me rephrase, the absolute embarrassment to Maryland as a leader of our State. His Tax and Spend Policies have continued to cripple Marylander’s and has continued to lighten the wallets of the electorate. Does this man have no shame? Now he continues to attack Ehrlich with a pocket full of Misinformation? It’s time for a change, time for real, HONEST leadership, time for Ehrlich to be back in office to reclaim his rightful place among Marylander’s. We are not going to allow this failure of a Governor to continue misleading the public. He will stoop to the lowest levels possible to retain his Crown. But this time, Maryland will not buckle and fold under the rule of OWE Malleyland, no, we are going to take back our state, rid our communities of the Illegal Aliens he is so found of, by allowing our 2 billion tax dollars to go to them, and regain our Tax Wealth which has been stolen from us under his guise. I say on to all Marylander’s, and my emails now reach the thousands, it’s time to stand up and be counted on this election. We cannot allow another 4 years of Lies and Misinformation under the OWE Malleyland Croonies and his Lobbyist’s in Annapolis. Out with the old, in with New Fresh Ideas. Furlough OWE Malley 2010, a real failure to Maryland.

Watch and learn, as an eye reader, I can tell you when someone is lying or not, this man is not lying, when I watch O’Malleys Eyes on TV, I can tell he is hiding the truth from the Electorate. We are not going to allow this bogus type of politics to play out this time around, and Rick, Shaun, Mike, Joe of OWE Malleyland, for every falsehood you put out there about Ehrlich, I have something to counter it with.

Jeffrey Werner

"United We Stand, Together We Fall, Unity, Resistance"


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