Obama Exploits Tragedy in First Oval Office Address

Subject: Obama Exploits Tragedy in First Oval Office Address

Last night from the Oval Office the President continued to use the tragic BP oil spill as an excuse to push his radical Cap-and-Trade energy tax on the American people.

In fact, a day earlier the President even compared the oil spill to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 as he telegraphed how the nation needs a "bold" new approach to the climate change issue.

Disgusting and outrageous — comparing a tragic oil spill and accidental explosion of an offshore oil well to the pre-meditated terrorist attacks of September 11 that killed thousands of Americans in cold blood. And, all this just to push the President and Al Gore’s liberal global warming agenda.

Here’s the bottom line: this summer we face a tough fight in the United States Senate to stop the Obama/Reid machine from ramming through their Cap-and-Trade energy tax that will likely increase gas prices to $6 or $7 per gallon, drive utility bills for Americans through the roof, kill jobs by the tens-of-thousands and further erode our personal freedoms.

This week I’m on the road in two crucial states: Nevada and California holding our "November is Coming" rallies.

In Reno yesterday, almost 200 fired up grassroots activists turned out to make sure Harry Reid understands that when he insists on pushing this radical Cap-and-Trade bill this summer, then "November is Coming" for him this fall. CLICK HERE to see pictures from our stops in Reno, Carson City, and Sacramento.

New media and online activism will be a key component in the Cap-and-Trade battle. That’s why we will be back in Nevada on July 23 and 24 for AFP Foundation’s RightOnline Conference where they will train, organize, and mobilize over 1,000 free market online activists to advance our cause and overtake the efforts of radical leftwing groups like MoveOn.org. Please CLICK HERE to learn more and join this critical effort.

Under the leadership of AFP’s own Erik Telford, we have made tremendous strides over the last few years in building a powerful community of online activists, who are working together and ensuring that we have the capacities necessary to take on the liberal mainstream media, arrogant politicians and Washington bureaucrats.

The RightOnline Conference will feature Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano, Congressman Mike Pence, The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore and John Fund, RedState.com’s Erick Erickson, HotAir.com’s Ed Morrissey, Talk Radio Hosts Herman Cain, Roger Hedgecock, Guy Benson, Curtis Sliwa, and many more! Click here for more information on speakers.

We’ll be offering an extensive lineup of panels and training seminars, led by the nation’s leading experts in online advocacy, grassroots mobilization, and public policy issues. Whether you’re a traditional grassroots activist, interested in learning about blogging, social media, and other web-based tools, or an existing online activist, this conference will provide a valuable opportunity for you to develop the skills necessary to ensure our shared principles of lower taxes and limited government prevail.

And after the RightOnline Conference wraps up, AFP will bring buses to the conference site and take our grassroots activists door-to-door in the Las Vegas suburbs to educate citizens about Senator Reid’s big government voting record with a focus on the Cap-and-Trade legislation he is pushing so hard. CLICK HERE to learn more about the RightOnline Conference and sign up today.

But, even if you cannot attend, please help AFP Foundation fund a scholarship to send a new free market blogger or YouTube video producer to the RightOnline Conference.

Your tax-deductible contribution of $79 will make this critical conference affordable for a young, online activist who may be loaded with energy and ideas, but not cash
. Remember: It was young, tech-savvy activists like this that took down the vote-stealing ACORN after years of conventional means had failed to make a dent in this radical group’s influence. They’re the future of grassroots activism.

CLICK HERE to register or fund a scholarship for the RightOnline Conference.

After watching the President’s speech last night and reading coverage of Senators Kerry and Lieberman’s news conference as they kicked off the drive for their Cap-and-Trade bill, you can see the Left’s environmental machine really gearing up to exploit this oil spill for political purposes.

I’m telling you we are in for a monumental battle this summer if we are going to stop them.

Our opponents know the United States Senate is going to look a lot less liberal come November. They also know that the American public is turning against their nutty environmental agenda.

So, they are taking the same approach they took with health care — act now and pass their Cap-and-Trade legislation because time is not on their side.

We cannot allow them to win. Too much is at stake for our nation and our freedoms.



PS: Two key action items I’m asking you to take. First, make sure you understand just how bad this Cap-and-Trade bill is for our nation. CLICK HERE for the facts you need to win over your friends, family and everyone else you know.

PPS: On July 23 and 24 we will be back in Las Vegas for the RightOnline Conference to send a strong message to Senator Harry Reid that "November is Coming." At the conference, you will gain important activism training to help restore our nation’s liberty and protect our founding principles. With November coming, it is important we are equipped with the tools to make a policy difference. CLICK HERE to sign up today.

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