More and More Anti OWE Malley Protest’s begin to spring up around the state. Sorry I got this out late!!!

Here’s another email I received this morning about today’s rally that has some more information. Signs and other materials will be provided if you need some. If you are able to go, please do so. Since this is very last minute, we need all the people we can get!

**Please distribute to your lists ASAP.**

Governor O’Malley announced that he will be filing his candidacy on Wednesday, June 16 at 4:30 pm after walking from Democrat Headquarters (33 West Street) to State Board of Elections (151 West Street). During this short walk down West Street, we encourage people to be there along the route for his stroll along West Street and also outside of SBE HQ.

We encourage you to meet at 4 pm outside of the State Board of Elections at 151 West Street. If you need materials, the Republican Party will have signs and other materials for distribution there, with messages about how O’Malley’s dismal record of raising taxes, high unemployment, and an anti-business climate is ruining our state.

Let’s make a positive showing to express our opposition to OweMalley and the Democrat legislature.


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