From the 10Th Amendment Center

As we move closer to the 4 year anniversary of the Tenth Amendment Center on June 25th, we’re getting ready to announce a tour with big name speakers, putting together a weekly radio show, upgrading and redesigning our website, adding a store for shirts mugs and more – and….more!

We need your help to get this all off the ground – yeah, it’s a request for some funding! If you support our work, please help us raise the $2000 we need right now.

Make a donation online today:

We operate an extremely efficient organization and don’t require tens of thousands of dollars for building space, for printed mailers and the like. The two dozen activists and volunteers that make up our core team work from our homes, our offices, our phones – and dedicate our personal time to make this growing 10th Amendment movement a reality.

We don’t need much on this request, but we do need your help, so please make a donation of $25, $50, $100 – or even just five bucks – today!

Thank you for your support…

In liberty,

Michael Boldin
Founder, Tenth Amendment Center


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