From Rick Saffery Blog – Candidate District 45 – Do illegal alien subsidies warrant class action suit?

Do illegal alien subsidies warrant class action suit? by: rsaffery on June 14th, 2010 | 11:13 am Maryland is a known “sanctuary state”. It’s a place where illegal aliens are encouraged to come for whatever purpose they so choose. Our state makes this happen in many ways. Illegals receive incentive through, welfare, education, free medical care and essentially tax-free wages. Furthermore, they get a free-pass from law enforcement as those departments are emasculated with respect to enforcing federal law on immigration. That’s a stark contrast to Maryland’s aggressive enforcement of federal mandates on seat-belt use, motorcycle helmet use and alcohol consumption age among many others. I leave you to draw your own conclusions there. It’s calculated that Maryland families pay on average $800+ per year to support this unconstitutional largesse. How can it be legally let alone morally justified for tax-payers to support illegal activity? Does doing so make us all criminally guilty after the fact? I don’t want to be a criminal. So, I want illegal alien sanctuary to stop. Furthermore, I want my money back. But, it’s clear the current administration supports the illegal alien status quo. Because of this unconstitutional protection, legislation and enforcement are not viable options here – yet. Therefore, I’d assert litigation is the way to go. I advocate filing a class-action suit against the state for damages. Let’s put some perspective on this initiative. The federal government and its cabal of attorney’s relentlessly pursued punitive damages suit against the tobacco industry. This despite the fact their product was legal and came with government mandated and approved warning labels. I fail to see how the damage done by illegals differs in the arguments used against big tobacco. The glaring difference is that the government isn’t mandating warnings with respect to illegal aliens. What I take away from big tobacco suits and illegal alien protection is that government oversteps its constitutionally limited authority on each account. That’s wrong! It’s illegal! It will stop! Remember come November. Direct comment to:

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