Great Article – A Must Read – U.S. Senate Candidate Eric Wargotz is misleading Republican voters – Part I–Part-I

By Scott  Strezlczyk

In my time following the Republican U.S. Senate race in Maryland I’ve come to the realization that one candidate is purposely misleading the voters by stating he is a conservative candidate. However he is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Dr. Eric Wargotz is deceiving Republican voters in Maryland.  My issue is not with his candidacy, rather Dr. Wargotz should simply tell the truth.  He is a moderate Republican and he should run as a moderate Republican rather than deceive Republican voters.

Wargotz was interviewed by the Jewish Times on October 30, 2009.  A copy of that article can be obtained from the Jewish Times if you’d like to pay the $2.95 for it.  Otherwise, some of the contents are shared herein.

Author Neil Rubin begins a discussion on health care with Wargotz.  Here’s the exchange.  Wargotz’s responses are in quotes.  The critical items I have bolded for you.

As a medical doctor, health care tops his list of priorities. “One of the biggest problems is that the federal government and the president have never done a careful analysis of the strengths and problems of the current system,” he said.”Eighty-five percent of the people approve of their personal health care [according to Rasmussen Reports polls]. All of a sudden, it goes from number three to number one on the agenda, and we’re in a crisis?” Dr. Wargotz did not hesitate to criticize both Democrats and rightwing Republicans.

“I was very disappointed that President Obama stated that he wouldn’t pay health care for illegal immigrants,” he said, bucking the GOP stand.

A little further into the interview, Wargotz provides some insight as to the current U.S. Senators he respects/admires.
Some political role models, he said, include Connecticut’s Sen. Joe Lieberman, once a leading Democrat and now an independent, who broke with his party over the Iraq War. Likewise, he admires Maine’s Republican Sen. Olympia Snow, who is defying her party’s blanket opposition to President Obama’s health care initiatives.

For those that follow politics closely you know that Senator Snowe is a moderate Republican or as others refer to it a Republican in Name Only (RINO).  As for Senator Lieberman, well he’s been a Democrat most of his political career.  A conservative would not cite either of these Senators as their political lodestars if he were truly conservative.  You would expect to see a name like Jim DeMint or Tom Coburn, but certainly not Lieberman and Snowe. 

As I said, this is the first in a series of articles I will publish to correct the record on Dr. Wargotz.  Republican voters should pay close attention to forthcoming articles in a couple weeks or so.  If this piqued your interest the next article will not disappoint.

Below is the copyright notice from the article and the reference number if you’d like to confirm this yourself.

Copyright, 2009, Jewish Times, All Rights Reserved.
Record Number: 345608434


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Kimberly on June 10, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    Integrity is a leadership dimension. Senator Candidate Wargotz has the onus of responsibility to at least brand himself as he really is- a Moderate. The massive campaign donations to DEMS, the apparent socially liberal stance on immigration and health care, etc. OR was he simply insulting the readership of the Jewish Times by pandering to his audience? I find it offensive, but that is my choice to feel that way! Scott did an amazing job with that article as he presented the facts and allowed the readers to draw their own conclusion! Huzzah for the journalists with integrity!!!!


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