Talk about Lip Service, Rick A, Spokes Person for O’Malley, thats all we have had from the Current Governor the Last 4 years.

Letter to the Press and State Leaders

While Former Governor Bob Ehrlich has a "REAL" Plan to attack the economic issues in Maryland, caused by the current administration, O’Malley’s campaign continues to avoid the facts of their failed administration while calling the former Governor’s plan Lip Service, to me, coming from an administration that has dipped and dodged the Maryland Voter Base and back peddled out of all his Campaign Agendas for the future of Maryland during his 2006 Election bid, Lip Service is all the Governor is capable of. While chasing out Jobs and Money from the State, forcing Small Businesses and Corporations out, maybe Mr. Abbruzesse should not throw stones in Glass Houses. After all, Maryland’s lack of revenue streams and high tax rates fall squarely on O’Malley’s watch. That’s what I call true lip service, fooling the voters into believing one thing, while doing the total opposite. Oh, the shame of it all.

O’Malley response to Ehrlich small business plans

Republican former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. has focused Monday on his first major policy rollout: plans to help small businesses (see blog post below), which he’s describing at stops in Gaithersburg and Reisterstown. The campaign of Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley has now responded, with a statement by spokesman Rick Abbruzzese:

"This is not a plan. Bob Ehrlich’s so-called plan is all talk and no action – he is proposing a commission, a summit, a task force, three reviews and two explorations, but nothing to actually create jobs or help small businesses struggling because of the global recession.

"This lip service is insulting because Maryland’s small businesses and families expect and deserve more from a former governor. As governor, Bob Ehrlich actually proposed the largest-ever increase in state spending and increased taxes and fees that hurt Maryland’s small businesses and families, while benefiting special interests. Now as a lobbyist, Bob Ehrlich has spent the last four years helping his clients export American jobs, bail out Wall Street banks, and defend giant oil companies.

"In stark contrast, Governor O’Malley has delivered results, including the Job Creation and Recovery Tax Credit to put unemployed Marylanders back to work and a rapid response small business loan guaranty program to get credit flowing again to our small businesses."

Jeffrey Werner


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