Sheriff Candidate Jim Woods makes his stance on Illegal Immigration – Sides with the True Patriots for the Cause to uphold the Laws of the Land – will not bow to the Status Quo agenda of the Doug Mullendores of the World.

James Woods, Candidate Washington County Sheriff

Illegal Immigration


A Message from your Candidate

For Sheriff of Washington County, Maryland

This is James Woods. I would like to ask for your support in the upcoming 2010 election, as I seek the position of Sheriff for Washington County.

I come to you fully qualified to lead your Sheriff’s Department into the future, with 3 decades of police service and a wealth of specialized law enforcement experience.

I believe in an innovative approach to the law enforcement needs of the community and will apply 21st century thinking to the issues confronting our community.

My progressive thinking and responsive planning will go far beyond available technology and equipment, as these tools are only part of the strategy needed to provide the safety and security promised to all citizens of Washington County.

As your Sheriff, I will spend less and deliver more to you and your family. Because the budget of the Sheriff’s Office comes from you the tax payer, I promise to be a worthy custodian of your investment and will never ask for more than what is needed to deliver prompt, effective and efficient police and correctional services.

If elected, I promise that the weaknesses and mistakes of the past administration will be corrected through positive leadership and sensible organization.

My commitment to you will be one of selfless dedication to duty and a determination to make your Sheriff’s Department the best it can be!

While the current argument is that this is nothing more than racial profiling, I would strongly disagree. Racial has nothing to do with it. The color of skin, the other sundry elements which could be construed as racial markers, are moot, because the bases for the enforcement is that a criminal act has occurred.

Being in this country illegally is a crime and as such, a judicially blind matter, not seeing any other factor other than the offense. I believe the enforcement of our nations immigration laws is a duty for all law enforcement officers.

We all take an oath to uphold the constitution, enforce all laws Federal, State and Local.

It is a law enforcement matter. Plain and simple.

SB 1070

I support the law represented by this act. I would support Maryland’s adoption of similar legislation and as Sheriff would work to see it’s implementation and enforcement.

Regarding over crowding of our correctional facilities. That will always be a problem within the criminal justice system. The Federal system suffers from this issue, however, once an illegal immigrant is arrested, we will turn them over to the proper Federal authority.

We will enforcement the law.

My Remarks, I am proud to call Jim Woods my friend and a true champion for the People, not only will he serve our great County well, he will go above and beyond to make sure everyone is treated fairly and equally, that is one of the Main reason, Jim Woods has my Endorsement for the next Sheriff of Washington County.  It’s time for change, and it’s time for someone who can make that change.  Though Sheriff Mullendore has served us well, it is time to resort back to basic politics and community understanding and not communities thrusted in confusion over the Political Mumbo Jumbo.  Again, this is one of my endorsements to have come out.  A list will be coming out shortly under Washington County Citizens United.  Stay Tuned.

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