Senate Candidate and House Minority Whip, Chris Shank continues to do the work of the People

So here we are, getting closer to the election.  Debates are about to start.  I harkin back to our Republican Club Meeting a couple weeks ago, I sat there, and I listened to the panel, which included, Senator George Edwards, Delegate Andrew Serafini, House Minority Whip, Delegate Chris Shank, Freshman Delegate Charles Jenkins and Senator Don Munson.  I was consumed with the passion most have exhibited for the people.  They talked about the budget constraints placed on them by the Democratically controlled State House, they talked about Illegal Immigration, Energy Costs, Oil Spills and to me, what I thought, was some heart felt thoughts on the duty to the people.  As I remember back, I remember Chris Shank speaking and talking about how me must all work together for change, to get the right people in the right places.  After all, even if Bob Ehrlich were to become Governor again, it would not matter much it the Democrats still controlled everything.  There has been a disturbing notion going around, that, Senator Don Munson has been quietly assisting Democratic Delegate John Donoghue’s campaign.  We all know Donoghue to be someone to never turn down the offer of a beverage in kind friendship, but it really bothers me that, a Senator, one who calls himself a Republican would actually become a turncoat to the party, if the alleged allegation is true.  Cort Meinelschmit who is running against Donoghue is wonderfully refreshing and a good Conservative Cadidate at that, in fact, he will probably get Ehrlich’s blessing, if he has not already gotten it.  But one has to wonder what Don Munson is thinking.

See, many of you may blast on me why I hammer down the Ole Senator from Washington County District 2, well, one reason is, he is no longer a Conservative, his recent voting record on the fiscal issues show this, look no further than the special session in Annapolis in 2007 when he voted to increase taxes, The Millionaires tax for one example.  What has this tax done to Maryland and Washington County?  We can’t blame the National Recession on this, at least not all of it, but we can blame those in Annapolis who continue to rob peter to pay paul.  I once compared Governor O’Malley to the Evil Sheriff of Nottingham, tax the people, take their money, suppress the right to free speech, and so on.  Well, I look at Bob Ehrlich as Robinhood of Sherwood forest.  Which brings me to this point, we have our own Sheriff Nottingham in Washington County and we have our own Robinhood.  Senator Munson surely fills the bill as the Sheriff, his pork barrel spending on pet projects, you know, the ones that really do not create jobs, but continue to funnel money into such things, as, Museums, The Arts, Devils Backbone Dam, The 1 Million Dollar Vote to Casa De Maryland, Millionaires Tax Increase, Furloughing State Workers, helping to defeat the amendment to the Correctional Officers bills of rights to get their own representation outside of the union.  But what has he gotten passed lately that truly affects the ability of Washington County to get NEW Jobs, NEW Revenue?  Not much, he did not sign the Tax Pledge, but the other 13 Republican Senators in Marylands Statehouse did.  Why?  Well, I guess because, when you vote in chambers for Tax Increases, you can not very well put your name down on something that will hold you accountable in the future, should you vote for more taxes, after all, the man’s credibility is surely at stake here.  His mistake in bringing on Ryan Miner as a Campaign Manager, knowing full well he was not fit for the job or a race of this magnitude.  Where was Don Munson when the people did not want Speed Cameras passed in the state?  I remember one very vivid statement made by Senator Munson during questioning overseeing testimony, where he stated “Well, My Delegate, McKee that is, the only crime he committed was looking at some child pornography?, well Senator, to me, it’s not only a crime, it’s vile and disgusting and the context of the message was clear, you were willing to overlook this for your friend and stand by him, regardless.  Okay, we can understand Friendships, but, if a friend of mine was caught looking and keeping child porn on his computer, he would no longer be my friend.  As we get closer to the election, the one true viable candidate for District 2 will come forth, it will be Delegate Chris Shank.  He refuses to spend Bond Money during a time when we need to save, not spend.  When we recover, then yes, the opportunity is there to to help pet projects.  But at this time, he refuses.  He also voted against the Budget this year, why?  Because there were not enough cuts and monies allocated to an organization that continues to promote Law Breaking Activities in Maryland, Casa De Maryland.  He also fought hard to have the 1 million dollars stripped from the budget a couple years ago and to have it stand on it’s own merits.  He and Senator Harris and Tony O’Donnell worked hard on this and together, had the bill put out their on it’s own.  Delegate Shank voted against these Tax Dollars going to Casa De Maryland, you on the other hand voted for it.  This year, you tried to regain some of that dignity by co sponsoring E Verify in the Statehouse, it didn’t get anywhere did it?  I, on the other hand have been battling Washington County, with the help of Delegate Shank and Delegate Myers to get E Verify implemented in Washington County.  Why have you not come out and supported me on this?  Personal views aside, this is good for Washington County, but your only stance was, well I co sponsored it in the Statehouse.  Well guess what, this is a program that can be implemented at the County Level.  Delegate’s Shank, Jenkins, Serafini, Myers, Senator Edwards are all behind me on this, but it’s your friend, Commissioner Barr who does not seem to understand the workings of this program.  I have tremendous support with getting this put in to effect in Washington County, but I will have to get County Exec Leopold of AA County to assist, because other’s can’t do the work they were assigned to do.  I presented, they should follow through.  Not a difficult task.

Let’s move forward onto some other things.  Where were you when Delegate Shank needed your years of experience and pull when he wanted to have Justice’s Law put through regarding Shaken Baby Murder’s?  Where were you when Delegate Shank was trying to get the Fair Share Act Repealed?  Did you try and help lobby support for this, or did you let your personal views get in the way?  We saw a glimpse of your famous temper at the Panel Discussion, where you started to get frustrated over a question regarding, why do we need 10 million dollars for a library?  I also understand how mean you can be behind the scenes down in the Statehouse, this is known and has been reported to me by many, not by your opponent, he likes to keep that stuff out of Politics.  Where were you when we needed you to stand front and center and assist with getting the Health Care Reform act passed?  Everyone on that panel discussed what is taking place in Maryland, what is going to take place over the next couple of years, but you stood up there and touted the bills you got passed, making it a campaign speech more or less.  No one wanted to hear about that, what they wanted to hear was solutions to today’s problems, which everyone else came out and tried to explain.  We didn’t want to hear about Library’s, Museums, Dams, The Arts, we wanted to hear your solutions to the states fiscal woes, but you offered us up nothing regarding this.

Here is something that Delegate Shank offered up, yet, your name has never surfaced on the Tough Bills, what we read about in the Herald Mail are accolades of fluff legislation, but no real solutions to the problems.  While I applaud and respect your years of dedication to Maryland, its time to move on and let someone truly work towards solutions, not spending, not taxes, not a love fest for Senate President Mike Miller.  If you are going to have a chance in this year’s election, you will have to rely on your past, the problem is, those who once supported you in the past are now supporting someone with a vision for our future, one with solutions and ideas.  Delegate Shank offered this.  Just a good idea of the type of work he does for the people and it has nothing to do with his own agenda or pet projects.   Moving forward, there is only one person with true leadership ideas and solutions, Chris Shank.

House Democrats Vote to Support Tax Increases


Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 5:22pm

ANNAPOLIS – House Democrats today made their appetite for future tax increases very clear.

House Minority Whip Christopher Shank offered an amendment to the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act (SB 141) that would have expressed the intent of the General Assembly not to raise, expand, or create new taxes over the next four years. This amendment was offered after a series of Republican-sponsored amendments to reduce the budget and eliminate the structural deficit were rejected.

“It is clear from the debate on the budget and rejection of our amendments that there is no political will in the General Assembly to truly reduce spending,” said Minority Leader Anthony J. O’Donnell. “Our budget analysts have told us that we are at the bottom of the barrel and there are no more funds to raid. If spending is not truly reduced, taxes are the Democrats’ only option.”

“It is time to level with the citizens of Maryland,” said Delegate Christopher Shank. “While tax increases will not be pursued this year, rejecting this amendment makes it clear that the Democrats in the General Assembly plan to raise taxes after the election – just as we saw in 2007.”

The amendment was rejected 39-94.

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