Mexico’s Population Law Article 67

Mexico’s Population Law Article 67
Posted on Wednesday, June 02 @ 12:25:15 EDT
Topic: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Americans for Legal Immigration PACFriends of ALIPAC,

We applaud those of you that are working very hard today to either get versions of Arizona’s SB 1070 filed in your state, or to support the lawmakers filing tough immigration enforcement laws in many of the states found in our activism campaigns at….

We are making great progress and the news coming in from across America is very encouraging.

We also know that many of you are engaging in debates online, on talk radio shows, and among friends and family members in defense of Arizona and immigration enforcement.

President Obama, the top Democrats in Washington and several city council’s are making the false claim that Arizona’s new law is mean spirited and racist!

We want to encourage you all to point out MEXICO and OBAMA and others are all in this together.

Do the right thing in your debates by mentioning MEXICO, MEXICO, MEXICO and Mexico’s allies in the US like Obama. Tie Arizona’s critics to Mexico.

Then mention this…

Mexico is criticizing the US while they already have a law stronger than Arizona’s SB 1070 in effect for all of Mexico!

Mexico’s Population Law Article 67

“all authorities whether federal, local or municipal demand to see visas if approached by a foreigner and to hand over migrants to immigration authorities.”


“Mexican law calls for six to 12 years of prison and up to $46,000 in fines for anyone who shelters or transports illegal immigrants”

Source USA Today May 25, 2010

In truth, USA Today watered the wording of Mexican Population Law Article 67 down a bit for their readers. Here is the direct translation…

“Authorities, whether federal, state or municipal … Are required to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country, before attending to any issues.”

This information in the hands of ALIPAC’s 30,000 national activists should make political mince meat of Mexico’s attempt to bad mouth Americans that want immigration enforcement and the brave folks taking a stand down in Arizona.

If anyone needs help or suggestions, or would like to make suggestions please use our activist tracking link here….

Go get em!



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