Strange, I thought being Republican Meant being Fiscally Conservative.

To the Editor of The Herald Mail,
This time, I actually hope you print this for all of District 2 to see and Washington County voters. Recently, The Tax Pledge has been going around the United States requesting signatures of those in their State House of Delegates and State Senate along with Congressman. Sadly, there is one name missing from the Tax Pledge, which is an assurance that the Legislator Signing their name on the Dotted Line guarantees their Constituency that they will not raise taxes on them. The Name missing you ask? The only Republican Senator in Maryland not signing,is, Senator Don Munson of District 2. As I have said all along, being fiscal means, not raising taxes, voting for bloated budgets and especially not voting for the Millionaires Tax increase which has assisted in the chasing of Jobs and Business’s out of Maryland. This is one Vote and one Pledge to the People that Senator Munson will not be able to escape come election time. If you are interested, here is the link. 13 out of 14 Republican Senators in Maryland’s Senate Caucus signed it. You will see familiar names in our County on the list in the Maryland House of Delegates, Chris Shank, the chosen Conservative Choice for District 2 come November. What you will also see, is that, there is not a Delegate John Donoghue listing either. Therefore, Washington County can assume, should these two get elected again, they will raise your taxes, especially since the Special Millionaires Tax will come to an end soon, as will the Federal Bailout Dollars for Maryland. Citizens, watch out, the crumbs leftover from dinner will soon be your breakfast. Make change, the right change.

13 Senators of 47 (28%)
Richard F. Colburn (S-37)
George Della (S-46)
Roy Dyson (S-29)
Janet Greenip (S-33)
Larry E. Haines (S-5)
Andrew P. Harris (S-7)
Nancy Jacobs (S-34)
Alexander X. Mooney (S-3)**
E.J. Pipkin (S-36)
Bryan Simonaire (S-31)
J. Lowell Stoltzfus (S-38)
Norman R. Stone, Jr. (S-6)
Barry Glassman (H-35A)

23 House members of 141 (17%)
Joseph R. Bartlett (H-4A)
Joseph C Boteler, III (H-8)
Don Dwyer (H-31)
Bob Costa (H-33B)
Addie Eckardt (H-37B)
William Frank (H-42)
Ron George (H-30)
Rick Impallaria (H-7)
J.B. Jennings (H-7)
Wade Kach (H-5B)
Nicholaus R. Kipke (H-31)
James Joseph King (H-33A)
Pat McDonough (H-7)
Warren Miller (H-9A)**
Anthony O’Donnell (H-29C)
Steven Schuh (H-31)
Christopher B. Shank (H-2B)
Tanya Shewell (H-5A)
Michael Smigiel, Sr. (H-36)
Theodore J. Sophocleus (H-32)
Nancy Stocksdale (H-5A)
Mary Roe Walkup (H-36)
John F. Wood, Jr. (H-29A)


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