A quick hit. Senator Don Munson – Wasteful Spending

A quick hit. Senator Don Munson – Wasteful Spending

Will be doing a blog piece today on the failures of the democratic party and left leaning republicans who have voted to raise taxes. Out of 14 GOP senators in marylands statehouse, only senator don munson has not signed the tax pledge. Why doesn’t he just run as a democrat? Shameful and he hears the news like the rest of us on how broke our county and the state is, and offered no solutions at our club meeting, only touted the fluff bills he got passed senator munsons votes have aiding in high unemployment rates, millionaires tax increase, voted to furlough state workers, these are bills he voted for. No wonder he and delegate John (I love my vino) donoghue are the lone sheeps in the Washington county delegation and why even his own repubs in the senate GOP want him to lose to delegate shank. Even Bob Ehrlich told me and here is the secret, that he was going to endorse delegate shank. Ask why? Well, here is why, wasteful spending, 1 million dollars to casa de Maryland, voted for speed cameras, millionaires tax increase which chased our jobs and industries out of maryland, has voted for comrade socialist governor martino owemalleys budgets the last three years, which by the way furloughed our hard working state employes, which in effect gave them a pay reduction, which in fact is the middle class family, the ones our conservative members try desperately to protect. Senator don munson, socalled republican is working to help democrat John donoghue retain his seat in 2c over a fellow republican(gast). While don gets 10 mil for our library which only 19% of Washington countiens use, 120 mlllion goes to pg and moco schools and 10 mil for the rest of the state. Senator munson, don’t u think 10 mil for an under used library would have been better spent on our school system in washington county out of the budget, or money to fix our waste management treatment center which is operating on 1  of 4 units?  That’s not what I call useful spending, it’s called wasteful spending and not working with other republican leaders to fix the problems, instead, you have become more of a hinderance thanks to your democratic leaning views on fiscalness and your strong friendships with senate president mike mller and governor owemalley, king of the illegal immigration movement in Maryland for which, we, as a state, fork out 2 billion tax dollars annaully on them. Throwing tirades on the senate floor about someone who does not agree with you proves this point, your time is overdue and your milleage checks for all the committee memberships must cease. It’s time for a true fiscal and a staunch hard line conservative, young and aggressive to step in and do the hard work for the bills and the tough bills for the people Not fluff bills and spending. District 2 needs strength and determination more than ever right now, unfortunately this is 2010, not 1980. Views of the past do not fix the problems of the future, this is why I throw my complete and total support for our next senator for district 2, christopher b shank. His vision is dedicated on fixing the states wong and not worrying about bonds. As he said, during a time of a recession and state fiscal disaster, he can’t morally justify requesting tax dollar bonds for special interest projects and groups, not until our economy recovers.

I apologize for the typing, doing this from my iPhone.


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  1. Posted by Jim on May 29, 2010 at 12:36 PM

    This is incredible. Time for a new senator


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