Maryland State Senators and House of Delegates who have signed the Tax Pledge

Funny, there is not a Senator Don Munson sighting on this page currently, but then again, he voted for tax increases, so I do not expect to see his name on this list.  Very typical of a Liberal Leaning Republican.  Here is the current list of Maryland Delegates and Senators.


13 Senators of 47 (28%)

Richard F. Colburn (S-37)

George Della (S-46)

Roy Dyson (S-29)

Janet Greenip (S-33)

Larry E. Haines (S-5)

Andrew P. Harris (S-7)

Nancy Jacobs (S-34)

Alexander X. Mooney (S-3)**

E.J. Pipkin (S-36)

Bryan Simonaire (S-31)

J. Lowell Stoltzfus (S-38)

Norman R. Stone, Jr. (S-6)

Barry Glassman (H-35A)

Joseph R. Bartlett (H-4A)

Joseph C Boteler, III (H-8)

Don Dwyer (H-31)

Bob Costa (H-33B)

Addie Eckardt (H-37B)

William Frank (H-42)

Ron George (H-30)

Rick Impallaria (H-7)

J.B. Jennings (H-7)

Wade Kach (H-5B)

Nicholaus R. Kipke (H-31)

James Joseph King (H-33A)

Pat McDonough (H-7)

Warren Miller (H-9A)**

Anthony O’Donnell (H-29C)

Steven Schuh (H-31)

Christopher B. Shank (H-2B)

Tanya Shewell (H-5A)

Michael Smigiel, Sr. (H-36)

Theodore J. Sophocleus (H-32)

Nancy Stocksdale (H-5A)

Mary Roe Walkup (H-36)

John F. Wood, Jr. (H-29A)

Cort, Neil, Chris Shank, Alex Mooney, Andrew Serafini Signing the Pledge

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