Help Save Maryland – Article/Video on May 22 CASA Rally; Save the Date June 19!

Cecil Calvert again goes to the heart of the matter, Cheif Manger of Montgomery County Police, who refuses to assert his power to enforce Immigration Laws while allowing the Lawless Day Laborer’s and Casa De Maryland to operate under his nose.

Subject: Fwd: Help Save Maryland – Article/Video on May 22 CASA Rally; Save the Date June 19!
To: Tom Manger Tom.Manger

Chief Manger. Why do you have an issue with the Arizona act and enforcing the laws on the book. Members of your own dept want you to step up and enforce these laws. When they enter maryland illegally, they are violating Ins and customs and immigration, therefore your county to which my family lives in is not getting their tax payer dollars worth. Even pg county is changing in the way they deal with llegals. We just think you and the current governor and Ike leggett just want to pawn the problem off to the Feds. If you don’t want to help fix the problem, maybe pay cuts in your dept would be added incentive and those tax dollars can go to counties willing to do the job you want no part of. I and my family in Bethesda and gaithersburg would like to see you become more assertive than passive when dealing with illegal immigration. Sheriff chuck Jenkins has no problems enforcing the laws of illegals entering Frederick county.

Thank you for your time.

Subject: Help Save Maryland – Article/Video on May 22 CASA Rally; Save the Date June 19!

Gazette Article on Help Save Maryland Rally at CASA Silver Spring.

Good piece except that reporter, an illegal alien sympathizer, ran out of fingers and toes when he was counting our members. There were 100 HSM members and friends from 9 MD counties at May 22 Rally!

If you go to the link there is a good shot of HSM Mike Reininger of Baltimore County giving CASA’s mouthpiece Kimmie Propeack some well deserved grief.
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

National debate plays out locally as immigration groups clash in Silver Spring

Point, counterpoint lost amid a tsunami of flags, bullhorns

by Jeremy Arias | Gazette Staff Writer

An issue of national importance hit home in Silver Spring last weekend as several anti-illegal immigration groups rallied outside an immigrant-rights advocacy group’s headquarters on University Boulevard.

Flags were waved and fingers were wagged on both sides of the line Saturday in front of the Casa of Maryland worker’s center as members of the Langley Park-based immigrant-rights group squared off with members of Rockville’s Help Save Maryland. Both groups struggled to exercise their first-amendment rights against a backdrop of American flags, bullhorns and the flashing lights of several police cruisers parked along the street to uphold the amendment’s wording: the right of the people to "peaceably assemble."

Up to 30 anti-illegal immigration protestors picketed outside Casa’s center while nearly as many Casa volunteers helped clean the grounds inside the fence.

Whitney Riley, of Baltimore, joined the Help Save Maryland protest as a way to voice her support for what she called "the rule of law" regarding immigration.

"We want [Casa] to stop funding illegal aliens with taxpayer money," she said. "They have pamphlets that show how to circumvent the law; … in the end we need to be a nation that stands on the rule of law. Illegal immigration is illegal, period."

Casa supporter and Takoma Park resident David Robinson had a different view on the nonprofit’s mission from the other side of the fence Saturday.

"What does this place do? It offers information on how to operate within the law," he said, adding that things get complicated when a group providing services like Casa demands proof of immigration status from its clients. "Most American citizens, including these people out here, don’t walk around with proof of their citizenship on them; even owning a Maryland driver’s license isn’t proof of that."

Meanwhile Edgar Morales, of Gaithersburg, maintained that, especially since Casa receives state and federal funding, it should not provide assistance to illegal immigrants who are breaking the law by being in the country in the first place.

"The problem with Casa of Maryland is that the money is not going to American people," he said, explaining that he legally immigrated to the United States from Puerto Rico in 2002 and feels upset by illegal immigrants who are benefitting despite breaking the law. "Day laborers are not legal immigrants because if they were they would be working hard with jobs and paying taxes."

Casa first received major funding from Montgomery County in 1993 to open the worker’s center on University Boulevard—its first headquarters—and continues to fund its programs and expansion efforts with private contributions and support from county and state governments in grants.

Achille Gwet, who legally immigrated to Silver Spring from Cameroon about two months ago, disagreed with Morales’ assessment, praising the support he has found adjusting to the United States from the nonprofit’s English-language and job-finding services.

"Me? I have papers, I have a green card, but when I came here I didn’t know anything, I didn’t have anyone to help me, only Casa," Gwet said in broken English. "Casa helped me to get [a] job; I found training here in English language [among other subjects]. They helped me to eat, to live."

Nick Caba, who lives in the Silver Spring area, argued that many of Casa’s clients are illegal immigrants who undercut the livelihoods of American citizens by finding contracts for jobs through Casa’s day-labor centers. As a home-improvement contract specialist, Caba has felt the effects first-hand.

"I’ve watched my standard of living nose-dive over the past 15 years, and it seems to be in direct proportion to the [numbers] of all the illegals who … are taking the jobs that used to be available to me and are no longer available because the attitude is, whatever price I give, the illegals are going to do it for less," he said.

In spite of the obvious disagreement and, in some cases, mutual animosity exhibited by the groups Saturday, Casa volunteer Hugh Bailey attempted to find a common ground between the parties, arguing that, regardless of how it is done, both sides basically agree that U.S. immigration law is in need of reform.

"I do hear their argument, but I think it is an argument rooted in xenophobia and distrust," he said regarding the anti-illegal immigrant messages expressed by Help Save Maryland and its partner groups at the event. "[We should focus on] re-addressing this law and creating one that makes sense; … on the federal side, let’s strengthen what happens at the border, and so you can affect the volume of people that come in in the first place."


Video was filmed and edited by up and coming media and future political star from Cecil County, Bree Felling.



CNN Poll: Support for border crackdown grows

By the CNN Wire Staff

Washington (CNN)


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