Hard Core Liberal Announces Candidacy for District 2B – Will run against Parrott in General Election

A staunch hard core liberal, who is sitting on the Hagerstown Chamber of Commerce, is temporarily giving up his seat on the Chamber, well, let me rephrase, The Chamber is leaving his seat open in case he loses.  I, myself, find this unethical on the Chamber’s behalf, but who am I to say, all I know is, if another hard core liberal is elected in Washington County, you can kiss your dollars goodbye, just ask, John The Minion Donoghue.  You know, aka Slander Man. As stated by Delegate Shank last night, these seats being contested must remain Republican or else we will have no voice working for us on a bi-partisan level.  As you can see, hard core liberal and shall I say, well I won’t, John Donoghue is in the background supporting The Pfoff.  Let us hope that Senator Don Munson comes to his senses and stops working to help John Donoghue retain his seat and allow Cort M to win in 2c, otherwise, we are doomed for sure.  To have two Democrats as legislators, when one can barely get along with the other delegation members other than Don Munson would be a travesty.  Communication within the Delegation in WaCo  would completely shut down.  Common sense must overcome this obstacle.  GOP’ers must pull together to make sure this does not happen.  I, will do my best to make it happen as well.  John can trip himself up without even trying.  🙂

Poffenberger to run for delegate

May 26, 2010

SHARPSBURG — Touting his work with a lobbying coalition, Democrat Brien J. Poffenberger said he’s running for state delegate in Subdistrict 2B to keep fighting for the community.

As the Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s president and CEO, Poffenberger was a point person in a local coalition that has lobbied on state issues for several years.

Poffenberger — on unpaid leave from his Chamber job — listed the group’s successes, such as locking in state money for a downtown library and a state police barrack, and rising up against University System of Maryland at Hagerstown cuts.

“This isn’t a Republican agenda. This isn’t a Democratic agenda,” he said. “This is a Washington County agenda.”


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