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Dear jeff,

For the price of two movie tickets, you can help me lower Maryland’s tax burden and revitalize our economy. Here’s how:

I am asking Marylanders like you to join “Team 20/20.”  All it takes is a $20 donation to my campaign for governor so that I can fight to repeal Governor Martin O’Malley’s 20% sales tax increase.

Governor O’Malley is proud that he increased your sales tax in 2007 by 20% as part of the largest tax increase in Maryland history.  In doing so, he devastated our economy and confiscated hard-earned dollars from Marylanders like you just as we were entering a crippling recession. Consider this:  

Under Governor O’Malley, nearly a quarter of a million Marylanders can’t find a job, our unemployment rate has doubled since 2006, nearly 3,000 small businesses have shut down, our business climate ranks among the poorest in the nation, and our income tax rate ranks as the worst of all 50 states, according to the Tax Foundation. Remarkably, Governor O’Malley claims we are making “progress” in Maryland. 

Help me stop this economic tailspin by joining “Team 20/20” with a $20 donation to my campaign. 

I have a different vision for Maryland, but I cannot achieve this vision without you.  Your $20 donation will help me win in November and repeal Governor O’Malley’s 20% tax increase.  By joining Team 20/20, we can jump start our economy and get government out of your family’s pocketbook.

My vision for Maryland is simple: I envision a state where families and small businesses are viewed as a source of strength and opportunity — not a source of new tax revenue. Help me fight for this vision by joining Team 20/20. You have my commitment that your donation will be spent wisely and towards our shared goal of creating a brighter future for Maryland.   

I am deeply grateful for the trust you have placed in me.  I will not stop fighting for your rights as a citizen and taxpayer. I look forward to staying in touch in the weeks and months ahead. 


Bob Ehrlich 

Paid for by Ehrlich for Maryland

Our mailing address is:

Bob Ehrlich for Maryland

P.O. Box 2

Timonium, MD 21094-0002

Copyright (C) 2010 Bob Ehrlich for Maryland All rights reserved.

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