Dick Morris Says Prepare! – Senator Predicts Financial Meltdown

Subject: Dick Morris Says Prepare! – Senator Predicts Financial Meltdown

Our friends at NewsMax have an important update on our nation’s current
financial situation. Please see below to access these resources and take action.

Your friends at Grassroots Action

Breaking News: U.S. Senator Predicts the . . .

‘Financial Meltdown of Our Nation Because of Excessive Debt’

How Prepared Are YOU?

Less Than 24 Hours Are Left to Claim the One
Book That May Protect You — For Free!

Dear Reader,

Fortunately, at least some members of Congress are waking up to the financial peril dead ahead . . .

Recently, Republican Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire stated his fears that the United States is on a course for economic disaster.

The overwhelming debt and exploding deficits will lead to "the financial meltdown of our nation," Gregg said.

Dick Morris and Newsmax have been issuing this same warning for some time . . .

And to build on Sen. Gregg’s words, I’m prepared to show you my exact plan to help you avoid the coming devastation . . . protect your wealth and freedom . . . and prosper in the difficult days ahead.

However, time is very short.

This is your LAST CHANCE to take us up on one
of the most important offers in our history.

At midnight (Eastern time) tonight,
this offer no longer will be available.

More than 65,000 of your fellow concerned Americans already have taken control of their finances and are prepared.

You see, Morris, a Fox News analyst, and Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy gathered an esteemed panel recently to discuss the economy and how to safeguard our investments and prosper tremendously during these difficult times.

Joining them were former Libertarian vice-presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root, Newsmax Financial Brain Trust member Sean Hyman, and co-author of the powerful book Aftershock, Robert Wiedemer. Together they filmed an Internet broadcast titled the Early Warning Wealth Summit.

Attendance was 100% free (and still is — for now). I’ll explain how you can view this Internet broadcast in a second.

So what exactly brought us all together?

It was Robert Wiedemer’s startling book — Aftershock.

When Christopher Ruddy read it, he was shocked. Dick Morris has said it’s a "must read."

I knew that YOU should have this information too.

So at great cost to Newsmax, I purchased more than 10,000 copies of this book to GIVE AWAY — 100% free (just pay shipping)!

They were gone in a matter of days . . . so I purchased another 10,000 for Newsmax and Moneynews readers. Those, too, were snatched up just days later. So I arranged for one more shipment.

Only a few copies are left . . . and this is your last chance to claim one for yourself. If you were to go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you would pay around $28 retail for this book. (By the way, both of these retailers are out of copies!)

By clicking here you can get a copy of Aftershock as well as an instant, private viewing of the Early Warning Wealth Summit for FREE!

But you must do so before midnight tonight.

So you’re already saving a bundle . . . but the real value is within the book!

The Authors of Aftershock
Predict TWO, Devastating Financial
Bubbles on the Horizon.

If these bubbles pop, the stock market could plunge historically. Unemployment could surge at a rate never seen before. And the entire financial system could teeter on the edge of total collapse.

Are you prepared for this kind of turmoil in the financial markets?

Do you understand what could be coming? Do you know what steps you need to take to ready yourself? And are you prepared to profit from the opportunities that will arise?

I want to be sure that your answers are YES to each of these questions. And I have made it VERY easy for you.

All you have to do is click here to claim your FREE copy of Aftershock.

And there’s more, because . . .

As soon as we receive your book request, you will receive instructions on how to view the exclusive, private Early Warning Wealth Summit we filmed with Robert Wiedemer (one of the authors of Aftershock), Dick Morris, and other members of my Financial Brain Trust.

With the information you will have in your hands . . . and the plans and predictions we discuss on the Internet broadcast . . . you will have a complete, step-by-step blueprint to help you survive and thrive in the coming financial chaos.

Do not be fooled by a levitating stock market. The warning signs are all around us. The explosion of government debt will have SEVERE consequences for most people.

The media isn’t ignoring this threat — THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT IS COMING!

Don’t be left behind. Prepare now.

But don’t forget . . . TODAY is the day. At midnight tonight — this offer expires.

Act now — Claim your 100% free copy of Aftershock, plus an instant airing of the Early Warning Wealth Summit! Click Here!

To Your Wealth and Freedom,

Aaron DeHoog

Financial Publisher
Newsmax and Moneynews

P.S. This is what people are saying about Aftershock:

I am reading the book Aftershock. It is EXCELLENT!! I really didn’t understand what was going on with the economy, but I sure do now. I also am learning what to do, and how to survive what is up ahead. I just sent the information to my brother so he can take advantage of it.
— Tony

Your book is outstanding. It galvanizes experiences I am watching every day and creates a framework of understanding. When I see Buffett and Gates "cheerleading," it acts as solid proof of the gravity of this situation.
— K.C.

Just finished the book Aftershock. What an insight! Thanks a million, I feel blessed to have read the book.
— Janis

Join the "Lucky" 65,000 concerned Americans
who already have claimed their 100% FREE copy of
Aftershock! Click Here by midnight tonight!

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