Casa De Maryland distorts the facts and fabricates story of Rally in front of Silver Spring Center – Readers Respond on Baltimore Sun

Casa De Maryland distorts the facts and fabricates story of Rally in front of Silver Spring Center – Also got date of Protest Wrong – Readers Respond

From The Baltimore Sun Forum – Casa de Maryland – Pack of Lies

Pull up the Casa de Maryland website and check out the news release dated March 22. What a blatant pack of filthy lies! 

This was the protest by Help Save Maryland, and I was there. We were peaceful, law abiding, and well behaved. Yet the news release describes us as anti-immigrant militants who blocked sidewalks on busy streets, shouted through megaphones, and hurled racist epitaphs [sic] and yelled and cursed at small children.

I’ve never read such lying trash in my life. First off, the hispanics across the street were the ones yelling, and the hispanics driving up and down the street were giving us the finger salute. And it was the Casa people blocking the driveway, not us, as several police officers were there and let us know the rules as soon as we arrived. No blocking the drive was one of them. Move out of the way of anyone that was walking down the sidewalk. I’d say the protesters bent over backwards to abide by the law/rule, whatever you want to call it. It was the hispanics that tried to instigate trouble.

If we did what the Casa website claims, don’t you think the cops would have intervened? Oh yeah, this one really got me. Supposedly families walking to shopes were starteled by the anti-immigrant militants. What crap! Frankly, some of us were very uncomfortable and did not feel safe because although the Casa website said the area is 50% latino, it’s more like 99%. Gee, did I even see a handful of whites or blacks driving by? 

This blatantly false reporting really burns me up. Typical left-wing propaganda. This jsut makes me more determined to stand up as an American citizen and say enough!

Casa De Maryland also fails to mention, that during the Rally, all members of the Group were stating, “We Embrace all those who come here Legally, fill out their paperwork and follow the laws of Immigration”  The rally also included with Help Save Maryland, Legal Immigrants who came here and did it the right way and are appalled that Casa De Maryland would even support Illegal Alien Law Breakers.  Let us also mention, that an Illegal Alien from Central America was interviewed on Television by WUSA Channel 9, thus providing the proof, that Casa De Maryland harbors and assists Illegal Aliens in our Communities regardless of Immigration Status.  Time for this group to be investigated by the comptroller of Maryland, the OAG Gansler, and Governor, well we know the Governor does not care, it hurts his voting base. This is what the Legal Immigrant and Citizen has to put up with on the Tax Dollar going to this organization.  Enough is enough.  I call on our Elected Officials to take a stance and hold this group accountable.  The One Million Dollar vote for a building that will be used to assist Illegal Aliens in Maryland, and don’t bother telling me it won’t be, because if Saturday was any indication, then it will be.  


CASA Combats Hate with Love

May 22, 2010

For Immediate Release

Tania Del Angel – 240-303-2288

-CASA Combats Hate with Love

An Outpouring of Community Support Greets Anti-Immigrant Militants Protesting in Multicultural Neighborhood –

(Silver Spring, MD) Several dozen anti-immigrant and pro-Arizona militants who blocked sidewalks on busy University Boulevard in East Silver Spring today were greeted by more than 70 volunteers who came to the site to plant flowers.

The protest was organized by Help Save Maryland, a group that has been declared a nativist/extremist organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization whose history has been spent combating the Klu Klux Klan and other hate groups. The several dozen immigration opponents levied signs, shouted through megaphones, and on several occasions hurtled racist epitaphs and yelled and cursed at small children.

Rather than organize a counter-protest, CASA invited community members, civic association and church activists, and others to spend several hours at the same site planting flowers and sharing stories. The seventy-four volunteers included a Methodist reverend, local residents, and political leaders. Describing why they wanted to participate, many described their frustration with the unfolding human rights drama in the State of Arizona and make a statement that Maryland will not follow suit.

Help Save Maryland chose to target a location in the Long Branch neighborhood of Eastern Montgomery County – the most diverse part of the region, with more than 130 languages spoken at local elementary schools. Almost 50% of the neighborhood is Latino and the foreign-born population of Long Branch is almost 60%. Of the several anti-immigrant activists that were interviewed, none lived in the neighborhood and few in the county. Families walking to shops in the busy neighborhood were startled by the anti-immigrant militants and several chose to enter the CASA center to volunteer and show support.



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