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In a scathing report completed by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, private pay in the United States has shrunk to record lows while government payouts have risen to record highs. As the USA Today reported today, this comes as a direct result of the federal stimulus package passed in 2009. University of Michigan economist Donald Grimes stated that this trend is simply “unsustainable.”

Only 41.9% of all US income was derived from private wages, whereas almost 18% came from government benefits – this is an 11.5% swing in just 10 years! These figures don’t even take into consideration the massive government takeover of our health care signed into law a few months ago.

Both you and I know that the “Stimulus” package passed by Congress and signed by President Obama was nothing more than a $1 trillion government spending program. We know that the government is not capable of turning around an entire economy. We know that it is impossible to tax and spend our way out of a recession. However, the leaders in Annapolis and on Capitol Hill believe that government CAN be everything to everyone (see Financial Regulatory Reform, Health Care, Cap & Trade, etc).

We must fight back!

One week from today, AFP-Maryland will be hosting the first of three town hall meetings around the state to discuss strategies to turn our economy around, stop the “tax and spend culture,” and how you can help to implement these plans. Our expert panel will talk about free market ideas to “Get Maryland Moving Again.” If you would like to attend, PLEASE CLICK HERE. See below for more details


AFP-Maryland will be touring the state touting ways to bring new jobs to Maryland by making our state competitive again. But we need YOUR HELP! Attend our “Get Maryland Moving Again” town hall meetings this summer and have your voice heard. Our expert panelists will discuss how to turn around our dire budget situation and how you can help make Maryland attractive for businesses looking to grow again.

You can register today for a “Get Maryland Moving Again” town hall meeting near you. Pass website along to friends, families and neighbors and encourage them to attend. We have also included a new video that shows what our great state is up against!

For more information on our “Get Maryland Moving Again” town hall meetings contact Nick Loffer (


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Help keep the TEA Party movement going – attend your next local chapter meeting. CLICK HEREto check out our AFP-Maryland calendar. Also – if you are on Facebook, get up-to-the-minute updates by becoming a member of our fan page. Thanks for your continued activism!

Dave Schwartz
State Director
Americans for Prosperity


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