Only criminals need these ridiculous, unverifiable cards.

Mexican Sham ID FAQ
…also applies to similar bogus IDs issued by Guatemala, etc.
Only criminals need these ridiculous, unverifiable cards.
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Red Dot Citizens protesting sham Mexican ID acceptance attacked in
Anaheim on December 8, 2001, cops sit idly by and do nothing.

Do You Remember September 11, 2001?
Believe it or Not…….

Red DotPennsylvania, Delaware, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah and New Mexico accept the phony Mexican identification card for the issuance of driver’s licenses. ( – 6/17/03) AP Internal Use Only
Red DotAlso, according to FAIR , 13 states currently allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses: Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and West Virginia (North Carolina stopped issuing licenses to illegals in 2006). AP Internal Use Only
Red DotStatement of Marti Dinerstein – Fellow, Center for Immigration Studies
The Issuance, Acceptance and Reliability Of Consular Identification Cards
Testimony prepared for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims — June 19, 2003

Red DotHR1950 House Vote Roll Call (to restrict sham ID acceptance) (July 15, 2003)AP Internal Use Only
Red DotFBI criticizes ridiculous Mexican sham ID cards (June 26, 2003)AP Internal Use Only
Red DotThe Matricular Consular Card: A Step on the Slippery Slope to Merger with Mexico (Diana Hull, Ph.D.)
Red DotCAIR members ask for investigation into use of bogus Mexican IDs (December, 2002)
Red DotInfo on the unverifiable sham ID from the corrupt Mexican government.
Red DotNote: It’s easy enough for anyone to go out and buy forged identity documents on the street and use those docs to get a sham ID from the corrupt Mexican government. They never check the validity of the documents presented, so we hear.
Red DotFAIR: The Mexican Matricula Consular Should Not Be Accepted for Official Purposes
Red DotFederal authorities warn that Mexican sham IDs are not reliable (Denver Post, October 10, 2002)
Red DotAbout so-called ‘high security’ sham IDs, which supposedly feature a digital photograph, holographic letters and a magnetic band with machine-readable data.
Red DotMexican ID cards? More like Mexican cop killer cards
Red DotAiding and abetting illegal aliens is a crime
Red DotRep. Tom Tancredo on these sham ID cards: ‘We have two sets of immigration laws; one established by the federal government, and one established by the banks.’ (Peter Boyles Show,KHOW, Denver – December 30, 2002) — Tancredo, like many other Americans, wants acceptance of these phony cards stopped.
Red DotBorder Patrol: Matricula Card Worthless as ID, Could Benefit Terrorists, Criminals AP Internal Use Only

Q. Why should I get a Mexican ID?
A. Criminal Friendly Cities like Los Angeles that recognize the ID, will make life easier for you if you carry the ID.

MexiSHAM ID Card

Sham Mexican ID card.

Spoof sham ID found on the internet

Q. What are the advantages of having a Mexican ID?
A. A Mexican ID can be used in lieu of a driver’s license to access a wide range of public services in the City and County of Los Angeles.

Q. Do I have to be a Mexican to get a Mexican ID?
A. No, you only have to present a forged Mexican Birth Certificate to the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles.

Q. What if I am an Anglo Criminal. Can I still get a Mexican ID?
A. Technically, yes. But unlike our local authorities, the Mexican Government profiles. The Consulate might get suspicious if you have blond hair and blue eyes.

Q. Many Mexicans like myself were born in a small village where most of the newborn didn’t even obtain birth certificates.
A. Not to worry. Use a forged birth certificate which you can obtain for $25.00 on Alvarado Blvd in the Mac Arthur Park section of L.A. The Mexican Consulate does not verify the information on the birth certificate. But even if they did, they are no better at verifying birth certificates than the L.A. City Council.

Q. What if I get stopped for going through a red light. Will I be deported?
A. No. Upon presenting your Mexican ID, the LAPD officer who stops you, will know that you are illegally in the country, otherwise you wouldn’t need the Mexican ID in the first place. Deporting you would defeat the purpose of the ID. You will only get a ticket.

Q. Will I have to pay the ticket?
A. No. You won’t have to pay the ticket because it will be too much trouble to track you down. But to be on the safe side, you should have several false Mexican IDs to show on different occasions to confuse your identity. None of your IDs should have the correct address or contact information. LAPD officers will not be able to do a “make” on you to verify any information you give them. Remember, once an LAPD officer gives you a ticket, he’s done and you are on your way.

Q. What if I am a fugitive and get stopped for going through a red light in a car that I just stole. Will I go to jail?
A. No. When you present your Mexican ID to the LAPD officer, he will have no way of knowing that you are a serial killer or that you just stole the car you were stopped in. The worst that will happen is that the car you just stole will be impounded and the officer will tell you that you will have to walk home. But you won’t have to walk home if you steal another car.

Q. If I am an American Citizen or legal resident who has a valid ID such as a driver’s license, is there an advantage to also obtaining a Mexican ID?
A. Yes. There is a big advantage for criminals to use a Mexican ID instead of a valid California driver’s license. If you are stopped by an LAPD officer for an infraction, he won’t know that you are a criminal if you show a Mexican ID. That’s why it is a good idea to leave your California driver’s license home.

Q. Why would the Mexican Consulate issue a Mexican ID if I already have a valid California ID?
A. The Mexican government recognizes dual citizenship. If you or your mother are from Mexico, they will be happy to provide you with a supplemental Mexican ID. But just to stay on the safe side, don’t tell them that you are an American Citizen or Legal Resident.

Q. What happens if the Mexican Consulate figures out that I am trying to obtain a Mexican ID with a false birth certificate?
A. Nothing. But they won’t let you have the ID.

DotFAQ courtesy of Mr. Hal Netkin of


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